. February 1, 2017.

January 20 – February 18

One of the first things you will want to do when this baby
is born is to have its hearing checked. No – there’s nothing
wrong – but they will always have “selective hearing” and
pay attention only when they feel like it! Presidents Reagan
and Roosevelt were both very popular Aquarians. The children
will be well liked in school and are natural-born leaders.
They may not be “teacher’s pet” because they express
themselves too clearly.

They will never be prejudiced and will always participate in
games in and out of school. The biggest problem they will
have is that they may not always listen – so be sure to get their
attention first – then all is well. They enjoy their family life
and this is throughout their lifetime. They will not want to go
too far from home but will enjoy pre-school, making new friends,
and any pets they have. They accept responsibility and can
be counted on to do any chores assigned to them cheerfully