Local Shopper Jenny Darling’s Grocery Shopping Tips

Who ate the last clementine? What? We’re out of salad greens? Ugh. Time to go to the grocery store. Or not.

Jenny Darling, owner and operator of Darling Deliveries, is a personal shopper servicing the Ann Arbor area. From her background in health and wellness— she is a chiropractor and a professional health coach— paired with her experience as a personal shopper for national companies, she created her own custom grocery delivery service.

Darling shared some of her best tips and tricks for making the grocery shopping experience a little more fruitful.

What days of the week and times are best for grocery shopping?

The best days are Tuesday through Friday because the shelves are well-stocked due to restocking schedules. Stores are usually crowded between 4pm to 6pm, so avoiding those hours can get you quicker service.

Coupons or no coupons?

I use in store and in-app coupons for Kroger and Whole Foods. There is also a Facebook page called All Natural Savings which lets me know when there are manufacturer coupons.

When/where can you find the best savings?

When in season, I’m a huge fan of local farmers markets. They have great quality and prices. I have found that for my household, it works best if I hit up Kroger first, then fill in the gaps with Whole Foods and Costco. I’m also really excited about the new Better Health Market opening this spring, because the store in Plymouth has great local foods and lovely coupons.

How important is meal planning when it comes to shopping?

Meal planning eliminates impulse buys, while saving both money and time. One feature of my professional health coaching services includes help with meal-planning.

Any other tips and tricks to share?

Download the app “Shopping List.” It is a lifesaver for me! In this day and age, we usually have our phones with us. When I realize I’m low on something, I add it right away. Then, if you’re placing an order with me, you can skip going through the kitchen because you’ll already know what you need.

With these tips in your basket, Darling hopes she can make grocery shopping less of a bore, and a more enjoyable and affordable chore.

For more information, visit darlingdeliveriesa2.com