New Year, New Goals

. January 1, 2018.

Last year a friend made an impressive list of things to accomplish before turning 30. Her goals included running a marathon and participating in the T-Rex Triathlon series in Brighton. Shortly into the new year she found out she was expecting, and suddenly her lofty fitness goals were pushed to the back burner as she battled morning sickness and geared up for a different type of marathon: the nine-month long kind.

If you’re a mom I’m pretty sure you have given up your own desires to meet the needs or desires of your children, at least one time, but likely more like 100 times. Sometimes that can be discouraging, feeling like you can’t do what you want to do since these little ones have hijacked your life.

This year I’m focusing on goals that I can work on at any stage of life, goals that will help me be a better mom and person right now.

1. Stop comparing. Sometimes I feel bombarded by the social media posts of beautiful kids, picture perfect homes, gourmet dinners and fabulous vacations that make my life feel plain and boring. I’m going to stop comparing my life to someone else’s and feeling that another person’s success means I’m a failure. I want to live my life with purpose and make the most of it, encouraging others as they try to do the same.

2. Take more pictures. I only get one chance at this life and I want to remember that, so I’ll take more photos of our daily life. Brushing teeth, Saturday morning chores, family movie night. I want to document it all so that we don’t forget these moments. I’m also going to include myself in more pictures with my kids. I’m working to perfect my group selfie stance this year!

3. Give positive praise. Positive praise can work miracles in shaping the behavior of a toddler, and it’s also amazingly powerful for bigger kids, teenagers, and moms! I’m striving to look for the good in my kids and myself and then praising it. It is so easy to see all the mistakes my kids are making (and the mistakes I make myself, for that matter) and I fall into the rut of only criticizing and correcting. I’m pulling out my rose-colored glasses and finding the good each family member is doing each day.

Your New Year goals might be more involved/admirable/sparkly than mine but noting my first goal, I’m not going to let that get to me. I’ll work on my goals and I’ll cheer you on as you accomplish your own, whatever they may be! Let’s each live our best life!