Bringing down the wall

Shy children and teenagers now have a refuge to improve their social skills in a group therapy session that promises fun and practical skill learning. Therapist Rob Moesta runs groups ranging from withdrawn tweens as young as 10, to teenagers as old as 17. Members in Social Skills for the Adolescent, for shy 10 to 12 year olds, will learn how to make new friends easier, deal with anger, understand the feelings of others, and handle peer teas- ing, amongst other things children face in social situations.

"Adolescents and Teens enjoy the social interaction (and in some cases friendships) they experience from attending group. They often are anxious the first time they come in, but they soon realize that they have a safe place to talk about problems, peer relationships, and learn better social and coping
skills," says Moesta on reactions from group members. The New Social Skills Group, for ages 15 to 17, focuses on wise decision-making, regulating emotions, and making effective relationships with others. "With the pressure adolescents and teens face today, (i.e. technology, Facebook, texting, and
crazy schedules), teens need a safe place to come in and talk without feeling judged," said Moesta. Teens diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, who can "feel frustrated with interacting with peers," are encouraged to participate in New Social Skills. $50 per session. Social Skills for the Adolescent, Tuesdays 5:45pm – 6:30pm. New Social Skills Group Wednesdays same time.

8110 Jackson, Suite D, Ann Arbor, MI 43103.