Scoring Touchdowns On and Off the Field

When he’s not knocking helmets on the football field, Ann Arbor Skyline junior Willy Clark is a playmaker in the game of giving back.

“I’ve gotten a lot of push at home from my mom. She’s always been a big advocate for helping other people out and not just trying to get ahead yourself. I feel good when I help out other people,” Willy said.

He is a calculus student and math tutor in the Math Mentoring Program (MMP), and an active member in Rising Scholars, a program partnership between U of M Center for Educational Outreach and Ann Arbor Public Schools which works to give underserved, but high-achieving students an opportunity to build leadership abilities, receive college preparation, and participate in team-building activities. Willy spends his volunteer time helping underclassman better understand math or visiting nursing homes to sing Christmas carols. He enjoys the simple task of giving back and encourages others to do the same. He cites his brother, Jack, as his biggest inspiration, while striving to beat his GPA.

“Growing up, my dad hasn’t been around and my brother looked after me. He used to walk me to school every day and as we got older, he became a role model for me. He graduated with a 3.8 GPA, which I’m trying to beat, and [received] all sorts of awards for academics and character…He showed me what
a model teen really looked like,”Willy said.

Although he doesn’t have his mind set on a particular college, he’s weighing the options with his football career in mind. “I don’t really know what I want to do yet, but I know I want to go to an academically prestigious school.”

One thing is for certain–academics rates high on his list when considering to which school this sure-handed philanthropist will apply.