Why should kids try yoga classes?

. May 29, 2015.

Parents are living in the busiest and stressful times and that means our kids are too! Kids feel pressure at school academically and socially, and with after school activities. Kids need a way to relax themselves and feel rejuvenated. It is important to involve the kids in stretching and breathing exercises. Children can use these strategies before taking a test at school or calming themselves before going to bed at night. Yoga classes help the kids learn balance and coordination. Even if children couldn’t stand on one foot, they will learn how to stay calm when they fall. Kids yoga classes should be fun and even a little crazy!

Why is it important to practice Family Yoga?

To develop a bonding relationship. Anyone can find a good yoga practice that suits their needs. Family Yoga classes are becoming more popular as parents can come practice yoga on the mat with their children without looking for a baby sitter. Mommy and Me Yoga classes (dads also welcome) offer families the opportunity to come together in a non-competitive and healthy environment. Sun Salutation is the first yoga sequence most students learn. It is best to learn as a family. With so many kids activities such as soccer, swimming, karate, music, art and so on, no wonder the families are so stressed out these days. Parents drive kids to activities, from one place to the other. Often they don’t get to spend quality time together. Taking family yoga classes will help you develop a bonding relationship. Take time out just for one hour on a Saturday morning  to participate in a class together. Give a gift of health to your family. The key is to find the right class that everyone enjoys.

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