September 2018… A Few of Our Favorite Things!

. August 31, 2018.
september 2018

Hullaballoo with Kullerbu303081_4c_F_Kullerbue_Spielbahn_Auf_der_Baustelle_01

HABA hits toy gold again with their Kullerbu ball track system. The Sim-Sala-King Kullerbu Set makes a great introductory set, containing multiple tracks, columns, and connectors, it has tons of options. A few custom pieces, the xylophone stairs, dominoes, and bell arch allow kids to use their building, and problem solving skills to make the track and then watch the balls run down. $89.99.

Get your glitter on!glitter

Elektra Cosmetics (founded by two Michiganders now living in New Orleans) has a great, eco-friendly way for you or your kids to show their sparkle: Eko-Glitter. This brand new glitter product is a cosmetic plant-based, biodegradable glitter which can be used as a shimmery eye liner or full-on glitter roots (a growing trend). $15.

A multitasking powerhousevilah-bloom-cafe-crossover

Vilah Bloom’s can do it all with many hidden perks to keep even the most multitasking mom with the essentials she needs. Brimming with innovation, this bag features an exclusive wet wipe dispenser and can be worn 4 ways (small shoulder, crossbody, backpack and stroller clips). Keep items hot or cold with the built-in front insulated pocket. Functional, and beautiful, this bag also comes in a lovely vegan leather. $170.