A Kid Again Michigan Helps Cultivate Happy Memories for Children with Life-Threatening Conditions

Family time is important and creates core memories for children as they grow. And family time is even more precious for those raising children with life-threatening conditions. These families spend so much of their time in hospitals and doctor’s offices that finding time and money to create moments that matter can be difficult. 

That’s where A Kid Again Michigan comes in. The statewide chapter of the national nonprofit providing cost-free, year-round Adventures to kids with life-threatening conditions and their families recently reached a magnificent milestone in almost a year…helping more than 1,000 Michigan families create 1,000 stories. 

Adventures are moments of carefree fun for A Kid Again families who spend their days in hospitals, and often experience surgeries, medical appointments and more. 

The Ronne’s son, Lucas, who has several life-threatening conditions, has enjoyed A Kid Again Adventures because they allow him to experience new things.

“A Kid Again allowed us to try new Adventures with Lucas without the fear of it being a waste of money and time if Lucas is done at some point or the sensory aspect is too much and his anxiety goes into overdrive,” shared Lucas’ mom, Jess Ronne. 

And families like the Inloes, whose daughter Sophie has had medical issues since she was about three months old which make her feeding tube dependent and require chemotherapy treatments, have made friendships with other families who are experiencing the same medical challenges.  

“We as a family have made some lifelong friends with other families who go through the hard times we do,” said Amanda Inloes, Sophie’s mom. 

A Kid Again Michigan is continuing to grow and provide life-changing Adventures at the Potter Park Zoo and the Cedar Fair park, Michigan’s Adventure

If you’d like to learn more about A Kid Again, visit www.akidagain.org