Dexter Daze: A Festival in Ann Arbor

Now in its 44th year, Dexter Daze, scheduled for August 12–13, has something for everyone— from artist booths, to great music, to good food— letting the kids be kids.

This community celebration has grown over the years into an event that attracts thousands of people. Planned by a dedicated group of volunteers and supported by many local businesses and organizations, the event includes everything from big bands, fine arts vendors, the Dexter Community Orchestra teaching kids about musical instruments, and school groups.

KayLyn Pace returns to Dexter.


Pace returns to her roots

KayLyn Pace returns to Dexter Daze; she in the Ann Arbor – Dexter area before her family moved away due to her father’s work.  At the age of eight, while living in Tennessee, Pace sang her first solo in a school concert.

At 11, Pace began singing in local competitions and learned to play the guitar. “My mom started booking shows for me and I had my own three part band by the time I was 14. My grandpa helped me learn the guitar, but I think I am a natural player. Now the guitar goes everywhere with me.”

Pace now performs locally whenever she can. She recently performed at the Chuck Wagon in Dexter with Matthew Bryan and has been opening shows for Bucky Covington, another American Idol favorite. Come see KayLyn perform on Friday, August 12 at 4:00 pm at the gazebo.

Kids play along with musicians at Dexter Daze.


America’s Nature Guy, Peter Schriemer encourages kids to explore the outdoor world

Another talent will delight kids and adults at 2:00 pm on Thursday, August 11. Peter Schriemer, well known as America’s Nature Guy, loves teaching kids about nature. With a perfect backdrop of Mill Creek, he’ll have giant toads, some turtles, a bearded dragon, and a couple of snakes with him!

Schriemer says, “I was wired to explore the outdoors. I’ve been interested in nature since I could crawl and by age 14 I was leading local nature hikes for younger kids.”  By 17, he was hosting a PBS nature program, Beyond Your Doorstep. Schriemer comments, “Kids can spend up to seven hours or even more in front of a screen every day, and when they are missing a whole great big natural world out there.”

Schriemer, a multi-talented performer, is a professional storyteller, makes films with the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and teaches kids to be adventurous.

 “One of the best things was helping a small boy, desperately afraid of snakes, work his way through his fears and eventually becoming brave enough to reach out and touch a snake.”
Schriemer is focused on challenging young kids to “Be an adventurer in the great outdoors.”

Yo-Yo Zeemo will clown around with kids.


Never without a smile, Yo-Yo Zeemo delights both kids and adults

The popular Yo-Yo Zeemo, entertaining kids at Dexter Daze since the early 90s, prides himself on being able to connect with kids and spark their imagination and curiosity.

When he’s not performing at parties, festivals or trade shows, Zeemo is teaching at local schools and libraries.  “Kids might initially think of me as an entertainer.  What I’m really doing is teaching physics. They get to learn about things such as energy, gravity, centrifugal force, and laser light. Kids want to try yo-yoing or juggling. I’ve got them thinking about how things work.”  

“I’ve been making people smile and laugh since my college days on the UM gymnastics team,” said Zeemo.    

He’s now entertaining and teaching kids and loves that his work spans generations.  “I believe that the kids are the future and it’s a great joy and honor to be able to show them a bit of how the world works, oh and yes, also make them smile and laugh.”

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