Father’s Day Photos from You

This Father’s Day, we asked area families to submit photos of their dads just being the best dads ever. We got many wonderful entries from amazing families, so much so that we’d like to spotlight them for you. Congratulations to Josh Florida who won the prize, but every dad in the photos below are winners in our eyes!

Frank is a hard worker at his career but I’m most proud of how hard he works to make each of our kids feel special for exactly who they are – no changes necessary. He’s the kind of dad that every kid deserves to have.

A visit to the botanic gardens with Daddy! Anson takes his girls on fun adventures, reads books with silly voices, and plays fun music on his ukulele so we can sing along. Most importantly, he makes them (and mommy!) laugh everyday. He is the best dad a girl could wish for!

Super dad! Etan is the father of our three children and he goes above and beyond for all of us. He is creative, loving and selfless as a father and his kids love for him shows what an amazing job he does!

Evan is proud of being a “Girl Dad” x3, fiercely telling anybody he meets how much he loves being a girl dad and wants to raise his daughters to be kind, brave, curious, strong and smart feminist girls. Evan also loves to get on his hands and knees, even before or after work while still wearing a suit and tie, and playing pretend with them, or painting nails, or braiding their hair, or fostering their love of adventure! Despite being the primary breadwinner, he is also the one our daughters turn to for help with bedtime or cooking their favorite meals. I also just learned of this brand from this contest, and it sounds so perfect for Evan’s lifestyle – he wears dress suits and collared shirts for work, but needing something athletic to keep up with our 3 kids under 5!

My husband just being a fun dad to our girl, it’s an every day thing!

Mike is such an amazing father to our son, Owen. Mike is a Internal Medicine Resident at Michigan Medicine who has been working 70-80 hours a week (many weeks) since the start of COVID. Even working these crazy hours he spends every waking hour when at home hanging with our son, puppy and myself. He is the sweetest, most present and most selfless human you will ever meet. His love and dedication for his family melts your heart.

“Army Ranger turned #GirlDad”
When folks encounter my husband, they often start with, “That is the biggest Asian dude I’ve ever seen.”
So yes, I married the man for his muscles. But I also married Nate for his boundless generosity and his love for humans. He just loves, and loves and loves people. He is so damn kind and patient. And you’d never know that behind this gentle demeanor, he relentlessly pursues a difficult career of demanding sacrifice and service in a field where very few folks of color earn their colleagues’ respect and admiration. He is the best of us, and the most extraordinary human I’ve ever encountered. When he’s not saving lives, I will find Nate on the floor playing with ponies, creating fairy-themed obstacle courses, or designing another ridiculously creative Halloween costume. He delights in every minute he spends with our daughter. He knows first-hand how precious life is — how unexpectedly short it can be — and uses this as fuel to cherish every moment. I love how he loves us.

My husband is such an amazing father. We have three kiddos and he always goes above and beyond to be the best dad to them. Whether it’s learning to bake a cake because they want to play “is it cake?” Or setting up relay races outside, he is always up for the challenge and always amazes me with his love and dedication for fatherhood. He works so hard and has been right by my side as we have decided to start a food truck this year and has helped build the truck step by step supporting this new dream. We are just so, so lucky to have him in our lives, he is an amazing father and husband!!!