It's a Twin Thing

. June 30, 2014.

    Double the trouble, but double the joy!  If you think it’s challenging caring for one fussy baby or active toddler, try two. Local moms with twins share their tips for multitasking and enjoying every moment. For those who may have wondered what it would be like to have twins, three sets of parents provided snapshots of what life is like raising twin babies/toddlers.

Amy & Chad Merchant

Parents of Brielle and Serena, 6 weeks old, Whitmore Lake

What are the easiest and hardest parts of having twins?
I’m not sure I’ve discovered any easy parts yet! But I can imagine as they get older it will be nice for them to have another sibling their own age to play with. The hardest part is taking them out of the house when I am alone. It is much more difficult to try to care for two crying babies or feed both of them at the same time when you are in the middle of a store as opposed to being at home

What advice would you give a mother expecting twins?
Having twins is a tough job and it takes a lot of time to do everything twice! Make sure you are taking time out of your day to just enjoy holding them and being with them and don’t worry so much about all the other less important things that need to get done.

What has been the most rewarding moment of having twins?
The experience of giving birth was the most rewarding moment of my life. Having two children at once is like getting a double dose of that incredible feeling.

Cathy Sherwood

Mom of Jessie and Mark Sherwood, 2 years old,
and older brother Arthur Sherwood, 5 years old,
Ann Arbor

What are the easiest and hardest parts of having twins?
The easiest part of having twins? Uh, there is no easy part! I’ve had a few parents of twins tell me that it gets easier because the twins will end up entertaining each other, but we’re still waiting for that to happen. The hardest part of having twins? Maybe the fact that it is double the work – double the diaper changes, double the ear infections, double the bad night’s sleep, double the noise, and of course, double the expense…
What advice would you give a mother expecting twins?

Be extra nice to your family members – they will make great babysitters someday! Also, not all twins are close. Our twins seem completely different in personality, looks, interests, and sometimes they don’t even seem to like each other much.
What are the most rewarding moments?

Sometimes it is seeing how much my five-year-old loves his little brother and sister.  Sometimes it is just getting them to go to sleep without drama. Our twins were also born at 30 weeks, so it has been awesome to see them grow and develop without many problems or issues related to prematurity.


Rahul & Shilpa Rao

Parents of Veydh and Vyas, 3 years old, Saline


What are the easiest & hardest parts of having twins?
How many of you have heard, ‘You’re so lucky you have twins! You are done in one shot and it should be easy.’ Let me say this – yes I am lucky, but when you have twins, nothing is easy! At least in our case, we are blessed with two beautiful little boys who are completely different from each other in personalities, likes and dislikes, food choices etc. I still remember their cry was so different from each other you could almost tell their personality from just hearing them.
What advice would you give a mother expecting twins?

Get help and get in touch with a support group. My biggest challenge was dealing with a colicky baby and the feeding schedule timings. You will definitely need someone there to help you when you are achingly exhausted, physically drained and mentally exhausted. For me it was my mother, and I still feel like I would not have made it without her.
How important in multitasking?

Both my husband and I work full time. We would not be able to get through a day without multitasking. One person is responsible for breakfast for the twins and the other for dinner. I have always made my own baby food. It takes planning to make sure I prepare something that not everyone has already had and that the boys would like.

What don’t most people know about twins?
The amount of work that needs to be done after the babies are here. It is the emotional transition that one goes through as a new mother of twin babies. The dynamic changes in the relationship between you and your husband. I can say it never gets easy but your challenges change overtime.