Motherly love

. April 29, 2013.

Mother: Christine Torosian
Children: Noah and Luke

“Mommy is special because she sings to me at bed time.” — Luke Torosain, 3

"Mommy is special because she is good at making my foods and building with Legos." — Noah Torosian, 4


Mother: Sandra Alvis,
Children: Drew and Aubrey
“She is special because she does everything for me!” —Aubrey Alvis, 6

“She is special because she is my buddy and she likes to play with me!” —Drew Alvis, 4

Mother: Beth Rudnick
Children: Devin and Nathan

 “My mommy is special because she likes to wrestle with me.” —Devin Rudnicki, 5

 “My mommy is special because she smooches me!” —Nathan Rudnicki, 3

Mother: Karam Alrousan
Children: Calla and Kareem

“My mom is special because when I am sick she makes me feel better and she makes us pancakes for breakfast and she lets me help her and she takes us to stores and buy toys. She combs my hair then she hugs me and kisses me and she lets me put lip gloss and those stuff and she gives tricks for my math homework." — Calla Alrousan, 6

“I love my mom because she hugs me a lot and she bakes cakes for us. I had Yoshi cupcakes on my birthday. She also lets me play Wii on the weekends and she takes us to fun places.” — Kareem Alrousan, 8


Mother: Karen Harding
Daughter: Nicole Harden

"I wish you knew my mom. There are a lot of ways that I know that she cares about me and my family. Even though she works a lot, we can see that she cares about us. My mom shows she is exciting and funny when we talk about funny stuff together. My mom and I run errands together and attend sporting events because she is pleasant to be around. We play music loud in the car with the windows open and that makes us happy. My mom is very active and is always doing things like rollerblading, biking, and walking the dog. She makes dinner every night and we spend time together in the evening watching TV and doing homework. My mom is friendly and I always see her talking to people. Our whole family travels together to different places like skiing out west, cruising to the Caribbean, and flying to Europe. It makes me feel awesome to enjoy all of these things and happy to be my mother's daughter. She is my best friend. I love her and she loves me a lot."  —Nicole Harden, 15