Book Recommendations by Nicholas Books

Ann Arbor’s Nicola’s Books has gathered its updated list of children’s books they’d recommend. These lists provide ideas for all ages and help to provide some fresh literature choices to inspire your kids to read. 

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Book:   The Boy Who Loved Maps

Type:  Picture Book

Description:  A charming picture book about friendship, adventure and following your passion.  Sometimes (with the right friend along), home is the best place to be.  – Christina

Book: I Forgive Alex

Type:  Picture Book

Description:  A beautifully powerful, wordless picture book.  Vivid, heartfelt demonstration of empathy, compassion, and friendship.  – Christina

Book: Wretched Waterpark

Type: Intermediate Fiction

Description:  The Wretched Waterpark is a fantastic book for summer! The three Sinister-Winterbottom children are surprised when they have to unexpectedly spend a week of their summer vacation with an aunt they didn’t even know existed. They are even more surprised to learn they will have to spend it visiting a rather menacing waterpark, where nothing is quite what it seems. Fans of  A Series of Unfortunate Events will love this delightfully  gloomy gothic tale. – Meagen

Book:  Elephant Girl

Type: Intermediate Fiction

Description: This book picked me up and relocated me to Kenya living amongst the Maasai and endangered elephants from the first page. Jama is a character you root for from the start and middle grade readers will adore how quickly the story progresses. ‘Elephant Girl’ manages to inform the reader about another culture, another country while providing a thoroughly engrossing story. Although the book does cover tough topics and has sad parts, the conclusion definitely leaves you feeling optimistic, hopeful and believing in happily ever after. – Christina

Book:   Cameron Battle and the Hidden Kingdoms

Type:  Intermediate

Description: Perry writes with vivid descriptions and captures the friendship between Cam, Zion and Aaliyah brilliantly. Middle grade readers will be transported to Chidani and caught up in the magical world Perry creates. Suspenseful, action-packed and empowering. Perry conveys the children’s struggle to believe in themselves individually while they learn that together, they can literally save the world! I am hoping that another book comes quickly … I am anxious to read more! – Christina

Book:  Fort

Type:  Intermediate Fiction

Description: Gordon Korman has another GREAT book for middle grade readers.  8th grade boys discover an underground bunker built by an eccentric neighbor.  As they enjoy their secret fort they deal with the challenges in their lives.  Together, they learn how they can help each other.  Told from multiple narratives, this is a perfect book for reluctant readers.  – Christina


Book:  The Silence That Binds Us

Type:  Young Adult Fiction

Description:  Heartwrenching story with themes of racism, suicide, and parental pressure.  Joanna Ho writes for so many age groups, but always with authenticity and heart.  This YA debut for her is a must read.  – Christina

Book Scars Like Wings

Type:    Young Adult Fiction

Description:   A year after surviving a house fire that left her badly burned and disfigured, Ava now faces the return to high school.  Though she expects the cruel reactions to her appearance she also makes friends who stick by her and encourage her not to give up and quit school.   Beautifully written, this is a compassionate, compelling and inspiring story. – Linda

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