Children’s Music That Parents Will Love

Any parents out there who love listening to music with their children, but are sick of the traditional “wheels on the bus” and “abc” songs? Randy Kaplan is a unique children’s musician because although his songs are written for children, adults alike enjoy the music. His comedic storytelling lyrics combined with American Roots make for interesting songs people of all ages enjoy. Kaplan explained how his music appeals to both parents and children, “When I do parodies of songs, adults get it on all levels because they know the original. But the kids don’t have to. They enjoy the goofy song as is.”

Kaplan has had numerous number one hits on SiriusXM Radio’s channel,“Kids Place Live!”, and you may listened to him on Putumayo’s American Playground and Many Hands: Family Music for Haiti compilations. Kaplan attended University of Michigan in College, he was born in Brooklyn, New York, and has lived all over the country- including California where he completed his undergraduate degree at U.C.L.A. His family moved to Michigan in 2015 from California to be in closer proximity to family. Kaplan is in awe of Michigan’s natural beauty and enjoys exploring and discovering new places and towns in Michigan with his family.


Trippin’ Round the Mitten

Kaplan has been a musician since he was just a child and played music his whole life- even through his college years as he attended University of Michigan. Yet, he found his true niche when he started working at Beansprouts Preschool in Park Slope, New York as a music teacher. Kaplan explained that once he started working with children, he was amazed at how natural he felt when he created music with children for the first time. Since then, he has produced six “Not-Just-for Kids” albums with his latest, Trippin’ Round the Mitten that was inspired after he moved to the suburbs of Detroit. Kaplan is a parent himself, so he gets the desire for parents to want to find music that both parents and children can enjoy. The current album is influenced not only by folk, rock, blues, ragtime, bluegrass, Broadway (his typical musical genres), but he also combined rap, hip-hop, and pop into the tracks. The song, Trippin’ Round the Mitten, includes places Kaplan visited while touring through Michigan, including a shout out to Ann Arbor. This c.d. is also unique because it includes two songs written by his wife, Julie May, and one by his five-year old son, Ryland.


Randy Kaplan Live

Looking for an opportunity to take the kiddos to hear Kaplan live? Kaplan continues to tour in Michigan while he obtains his Masters Degree in Education. Kaplan is working on getting his tour dates set for the fall. Check out Kaplan’s website, where you can check out his latest shows (under the TOUR section), listen to portions of his albums, and purchase his c.d.’s. Rumor has it that after you attend one of Kaplan’s shows, your family will have a new favorite family musician.

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