Truth and Honor Brings Gerald R. Ford’s Life to Light, both Digitally and in Print

. June 26, 2020.
Image courtesy of Sleeping Bear Press.
Image courtesy of Sleeping Bear Press.

Local children’s book publisher, Sleeping Bear Press, is releasing a children’s book centered on a president that is not talked about often. Truth and Honor: The President Ford Story by Lindsey McDivitt and illustrated by Matt Faulkner is the newest children’s book from Sleeping Bear Press. This work is paired with a virtual storytelling experience, courtesy of the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation.

Truth and Honor: The President Ford Story follows Gerald R Ford, Jr. as he is sworn into office. Readers will get a glimpse of what made Gerald Ford the calm and stabilizing leader whom the American people could put their faith and trust into, especially after the chaos of the 1970s. There’s also additional backmatter that includes a letter from the Ford family and a historical timeline for ease of understanding.

Additionally, in anticipation of this book, the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation has put together an exclusive virtual storytelling experience. This virtual experience is available online through the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum’s DeVos Learning Center website.

Before the book is released, Faulkner is joined by Clare Shubert, Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation’s director of engagement and programing, for “Truth and Honor, a Sneak Peak.” This sneak peak consists of a five-part virtual look into the world of illustration and the process Faulkner uses for some of the story’s notable illustrations. These online mini segments also take a look at President Ford’s childhood and collegiate years, his years in the military and Congress, and about his time as the nation’s 38th president. 

You can also find segments with Faulkner and Shubert (along with other virtual exhibits) at the Ford Library Museum. Truth and Honor: The President Ford Story is set to release on July 14. Pre-orders are available. Use Indiebound to pre-order this work at a local bookstore near you!