Using Education to Inspire

. December 2, 2013.

Education and family are key components for this Montessori educator.  Sherry Doughty has spent a great deal of her life giving children in her community a great start, while, at the same time, educating herself.

Searching for the best education for her children, Sherry, administrator at Doughty Montessori, educated herself on the Montessori way and enrolled her two children in Law Montessori School. She was a substitute teacher and also taught dance classes in her spare time. She went on to receive her Montessori teaching training and eventually bought the school, renaming it Doughty Montessori.

Belief in Montessori Method

Sherry was on a quest to find a better education for her children and didn’t stop looking until she felt like she found it. “I loved the peaceful, gentle way of the program and the education…I thought when I have children this is the social and educational start I want for them. Not only do I believe in Montessori as a teacher but as a parent,” Doughty said.

Montessori education is an approach based on independence and was developed by Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori. Montessori teachers guide rather than instruct and the classroom setting allows movement and collaboration, promoting concentration and order.

“We have a very joyful, peaceful, loving environment—and that’s key. That’s number one. We have a very long-term staff… it’s just family. One of my goals is to make sure everybody that comes through the doors of Doughty Montessori feels like our family.”

Doughty spent many sleepless nights researching and learning Montessori. She set up the Doughty Montessori curriculum herself and says when she trained for her Montessori Education certificate in 1985; she knew there was much to learn.

“Montessori is all about creating a teacher or always being there for the teachers; it’s a discovery of self,” she says.

Changing the World with Education

Doughty continues to learn and invest in herself and the Montessori way by teaching new interns at the Adrian Dominican Montessori Teacher Education Institute at Sienna Heights University, and hosting workshops at American Montessori National Conferences.

“Montessorians believe we can only change the world through education and always looking inward. You have to create a mind, body, and soul that’s joyful and happy to do what you’re doing and by being that person yourself, you can spread that to others,” Doughty said. “I truly love my job…we’re in such a great place right now. We have a really great name in the community and the parents are very supportive. They know the importance of education.”

Doughty Montessori is located at
416 S. Ashley St. For more information, visit or call 734-663-8050.