What if Your Child’s Hair Texture is Different from Yours?

Tips and Advice for Styling Curly Hair

Hello My Darling Ann Arbor Curly Mom’s & Dad’s!

It’s Kelly The Daymaker here with Charmed Ann Arbor Salon Studio to share a few common mistakes (and the solutions!) parents make when it comes to caring for and styling the precious crown of your sons and daughters.

Common Mistakes:

Don’t Be Intimidated

Above all, you brought this beautiful human in the world to love, nurture and guide them into being an amazing human being. Please lean in with love and remember that it is at the root!

Ignoring Scalp Health

Every night you must have a routine. I know life gets in the way of being able to be consistent with a nightly scalp regimen but you have to be able to understand the DNA combination this unique person has and to do so, you must understand the difference between the two types of porosity. Determine if he/she has high or low porosity. This will allow you to make a decision on what product to use for a nightly scalp regimen.

Oh, its ok to just wet & go

Absolutely not! Contingent upon if your curly prince or princess received mom or dad’s  dominant gene, you’ll need to base your shampoo, conditioning, detangling and styling routine on this fact. Whether mom or dad are Native African, African-American, Indian or any region in the world where people have a naturally tighter curl pattern, will play a role.

Combing/Brushing from the root down

Nooooo! The most common mistake people make whether you have straight or curly hair, is the direction in which you comb or brush. With regard to children who may have a sensitive scalp, the key is to comfort them. When detangling, you will find success and save time by combing from the bottom of the shaft, working your way up towards the root, using the less dominant hand as a barrier to protect any discomfort and damage to you child’s hair. 


I hope this was helpful. I specialize in all curl patterns and if you need any further support feel free to reach out; I also offer private sessions to teach parents how to care for their child’s hair that might be different in texture from their own. I love helping parents in my community.

With Love,
Kelly TheDayMaker – Charmed Ann Arbor

https://kellythedaymaker.glossgenius.com/  charmedsalostudio@gmail.com  734-802-9819

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