Kitten Season: Where to Adopt a Kitten in the Ann Arbor Area

The spring and summer months are the perfect time of year for cat naps. This makes it a great time to adopt a kitten to cuddle with! Most cats have their kittens between March and October, leaving shelters overwhelmed with kittens during these months.

Adopting a cat from a rescue or shelter not only provides a loving home for your new furry friend, but also opens up a spot at the shelter for new animals. Kittens are often recommended to go home in pairs, because they love to play with each other. Adopt a new furry companion, or two, at one of these shelters in the Ann Arbor area. 

Humane Society of Huron Valley

The Humane Society of Huron Valley has paired over 1,200 animals with a forever family this year already. They welcome walk-ins, but recommend having at least an hour to spend during their adoption process.

The Humane Society of Huron Valley works with Tiny Lions. At Tiny Lions you can spend even more time getting to know a kitten before taking them home. They offer ‘Coloring with Kittens’, ‘Yoga with Cats’, ‘Cats and Kids’ and many other events that allow you to spend time with the kittens. They also welcome people who simply want to enjoy time with the cats without the commitment of adopting a pet! 

When you adopt a cat from the Humane Society of Huron Valley the adoption fee covers a multitude of behavior and health check ups and support. Some of these things include such as their spay neuter surgery and microchip ID. 

3100 Cherry Hill Rd,  Ann Arbor.

Kittens sleeping
Photo provided by Huron Valley Humane Society.

Ann Arbor Cat Clinic 

The staff at Ann Arbor Cat Clinic are true cat people. As their website says, they realize that ‘cats rule the planet.’ The clinic strives to provide quality veterinary care for cats from when they are kittens to geriatric cats. Not only do they provide high quality veterinary care, they also help stray cats find a home.

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The first step in adopting a cat from Ann Arbor Cat Clinic is filling out the adoption form listed on their website!  

3690 Packard Rd. Ann Arbor.

Humane Society – of Livingston County

The Humane Society of Livingston County does not currently have a shelter, but instead their dedicated foster pet parents care for their animals. Their mission is to eliminate abuse and overpopulation of animals in the community.

Kittens adopted from the Humane Society of Livingston County are spayed or neutered and have received frequent veterinary visits for the necessary shots and medications. Visit their website to see the adoptable cats and fill out their adoption application!