A mom and pop favorite

. July 9, 2013.

1100 E. Catherine
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Phone: 734-761-8996

Hours: Mon – Sat 6:00am – 3:00pm
Sun 7:00am – 2:00pm

I heard a collective gasp and looked up. My friends were staring at me, their mouths agape. “You’ve never been to Angelo’s?” one of them asked slowly. “Eek,” sputtered another, dumbfounded. “Never been,” I confirmed. I took it from their astonished faces that I must be the only person in town who hadn’t eaten there.

Angelo’s is a family owned and operated diner in business since 1956. It serves breakfast and lunch from its spot on the corner of Catherine and Glen, surrounded by the University’s medical campus. I had heard good things about Angelo’s, many good things, which contributed to why I’d never visited. So many people like Angelo’s that crowds are a given. This made me wary about taking my two children and husband, who get antsy waiting to eat.

One sunny Saturday morning, though, my family and I braved the potential crowd and made our way to Angelo’s. To our delight, there was no wait. We were led to a table in the front window.

The black and white tiles at the counter and retro 50’s inspired booths and dinettes were cheery. Large windows in the front and back gave it an open feel, even though our view was of a massive parking structure across the street.

My kids, ages 7 and 3, were handed children’s menus plus a large basket filled with coloring books, crayons, and recycled Happy Meal toys. They actually squealed before diving into the basket of toys. For breakfast they could select from an egg, pancakes, or waffles with bacon or sausage and American potatoes. Both chose a scrambled eggs and bacon.

The regular breakfast menu boasted omelettes, waffles, pancakes, farm fresh eggs, and assorted specials. My husband went the carnivore route ordering corned beef hash. I decided on something sweet: deep-fried French toast smothered in whipped cream, strawberries, and blueberries.

While we waited, we listened to the clank of plates, dishes and silverware from the patrons around us. We sipped dark, rich coffee while the kids paused from their playing every now and then
to drink lemonade.

Our food arrived in generous portions and we dug in. The American potatoes served with the kids’ meals were similar to home-style potatoes. My kids wouldn’t touch them until I commented, “They’re like square French fries.” My son,7, ate one. “Oh, man, that is so good.” I asked him how he liked his scrambled egg. “Dee-licious!” he replied. Next, I queried my husband. “What about your corned beef hash?” “Good. They know what they’re doing.” I’ll say. My deep fried French toast was yummy, with generous gobs of whipped cream and chunks of fruit. I found it sweet enough without syrup.

We were also served slices of toasted homemade bread, which were topped with butter or jelly. The bread was light tasting, but decadent at the same time. I would go back for more, or even pick up a
loaf to take home.

None of us were able to eat everything off our plates, but not for lack of trying. We were full and, by that time, so was Angelo’s (of patrons that is). I would definitely try their lunch menu one day, and I would go back for breakfast. Will I have to wait? That’s a chance I am willing to take.

To avoid wait Don’t go on U of M football weekends when they are usually slammed
Noise level Moderate to high
Bathroom amenities Fine
High chairs Yes
Got milk Yes
Kids’ menu Yes
Anything healthy for kids Choose from side dishes such as fresh-squeezed juice,oatmeal, banana, or a fruit bowl
Food allergy concerns Eggs are cooked in separate pans. When they aren’t busy, they can clean everything thoroughly before preparing meals for individuals with allergies.

Katy M. Clark is a freelance writer who lives in Saline. Contact her c/o editor@annarborfamily.com