Authentic Mexican Favorites Debut At Luna’s

Quesadilla from Luna’s Mexican Street Food.

The Short Course:

Kid-friendly: Yes!!!
To avoid wait: Come anytime, they keep things moving quickly
Noise level: Low.
Bathroom amenities: No changing table.
High chairs? Yes.
Got milk? No.
Kids’ menu? Yes.
Anything healthy for kids? Yes.
Food allergy concerns? Most items are gluten free. Staff happy to use separate food preparation tools, if needed.

Luna’s Mexican Street Food shares space with Ahmo’s Deli at the busy intersection of Ann Arbor’s Huron and Division streets. The latest launch by the well-established Issa family, Luna’s, located in a bright, clean, and surprisingly modern space, is especially welcoming to families. Luna’s began in the University of Michigan hospital cafeteria and the positive feedback from customers prompted the recent opening within Ahmo’s late last year.

Large tables with bench seating worked well for our family, where we often tend to play musical chairs throughout a meal, as each parent takes a turn helping the littles and then eating their own food. The fast casual set up with counter ordering and self-serve drinks works well for wiggly kiddos with an inability to sit through a long, relaxing meal.

Mexican standards, and then some!

The kids were very excited about the colorful fridge full of Jarritos ($3) – a Mexican soft drink, with a variety of fruit flavors, like lime, tamarind, and mango. Not the healthiest choice, but a fun way to try something different. There is no kids’ menu at Luna’s, but the offerings allow for the customization of lots of classic, kid-friendly options. We went with a cheese quesadilla ($8) and nachos (with just cheese) ($8). The kids loved the multi-colored chips, however, the nacho cheese sauce was a bit too spicy so thankfully the owners brought out a fresh plate with simple melted shredded cheese. While not as creamy as the original order, this accommodation was appreciated by our spice-fearing youngster.


The adults tried a chicken burrito ($8) and a barbacoa bowl ($8). Neither were stand-outs, but both delivered everything that we have come to expect from fast casual spots, with a bit of a freshness upgrade. The housemade salsa options (five in total) were flavorful and tied the dishes together well.

Unlike national chains, Luna’s offered some more authentic Mexican options, including tamales ($3 veggie, $4 chicken) and elote (Mexican corn) ($2). The chicken tamales were a surprise hit with the kids; mild, savory, pulled chicken combined with the sweetness of the corn was delicious! This really set Luna’s apart from other fast casual options. Of course, for dessert, you can’t go wrong with churros ($6). One order includes two large sticks of fried dough covered with sugar and cinnamon, which can easily be shared among a family of four.

A not-so-odd couple

The co-location with Ahmo’s is great for times when you can’t get everyone to agree on one, single place for dinner. Next time we dine at Luna’s, we will definitely be getting a side order of fries from Ahmo’s, which looked and smelled amazing at the table next to us! Luna’s is a step up from other fast casual Mexican restaurants with its offer of fresher ingredients, lower sodium content, local owners, and more personalized service. When you combine that with a cheerful interior and extra kind staff members, Luna’s is a real winner for families.

Luna’s Mexican Street Food
341 E. Huron Street | Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Monday-Saturday 10am-10pm | Sunday 10am-9pm
734-669-3303 |