Pieology’s custom pizzas offer something for everyone

. October 30, 2015.


620 East Liberty
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Phone: (734) 22-0034
Hours: Mon-Sun 11am – 10pm

The Short Course

Kid-friendly: Yes
To avoid wait: Skip workday lunchtime
Noise level: Moderate to high, when busy, because of the restaurant’s exposed ceiling
Bathroom amenities:  Both men’s and women’s restrooms have changing tables
High chairs? Yes
Got milk?  Yes, organic chocolate milk plus juice, sparkling soda and fountain drinks
Kids’ menu? No, but it’s pizza! Kids can make their own however they please
Anything healthy for kids? It’s up to you! Choose wheat crust and all the veggies you want.
Food allergy concerns? Let them know your concerns as soon as you arrive. They can change gloves, start new ingredients, even wipe down the stone oven or cook a pizza on a paddle to avoid cross-contamination

When I told my kids that we were going out for pizza, they practically flew out of the house. When they learned that they did not have to share because everyone could get a personal pizza, they levitated with happiness.

I was happy, too. It is a known fact in our family that I like pineapple on my pizza. This has drawn ire and ridicule from my husband and kids, ages 12 and 8. But tonightn when we visited Pieology— a new restaurant on Liberty—tonight,
I would have pineapple.

Pieology is a custom artisan-style pizza place that opened this past summer. While a national chain, the Ann Arbor location is the first in Michigan. The premise is simple: Pieology offers 11.5” crusts with your choice of unlimited toppings cooked in a stone-fired oven for one great price ($7.95).

“I like that it’s all one price. That part of it is brilliant,” my husband commented.

Create your pizza pie

In this casual, counter-service restaurant, you direct the creation of your pizza and can watch it cook in the stone-fired oven.The first step: pick from house-made, wheat or gluten-free crust (add $2). Then select your sauce: red, 3-cheese Alfredo, herb butter, olive oil, fiery buffalo sauce, pesto or BBQ. Next pick cheese, meats, and toppings. The choices are numerous, including items such as traditional mozzarella, feta, Daiya® non-dairy mozzarella, chicken, bacon, mushrooms, green peppers and pineapple.

Both of my kids picked house-made crust, red sauce, mozzarella and pepperoni. My daughter added chicken while my son added sausage and bacon. I gleefully moved down the assembly line, instructing my pizza maker to top my wheat crust with red sauce, mozzarella, ham, bacon and my beloved pineapple. 

If you don’t want to create your own pizza, then try a Pieologist’s Favorite like the Rustic Veggie or Hickory BBQ Chicken. My husband selected the Mad to Meat You with pepperoni, sausage, meatballs, mozzarella, red sauce and olive oil. He added kalamata olives. 

We threw in an order of Sweet Sugar Cinnamon Strips ($2.95), picked up a side salad ($3.95) and fountain drinks, and sat down in the sleek, industrial-style dining room, which can seat around 30. We had barely settled in when our pizzas were brought to us. 

Try a slice

Each pie, cut into eight pieces, seemed perfectly charred. Our crusts were light and thin; my wheat tasted a bit sweet compared to the house-made. The toppings were in agreeable proportion to the gooey cheese. Everyone in my family was satisfied.

“Perfect,” said my daughter.

“Awesome,” added my son.

The only dull spot was the side salad, with brown edges on the lettuce. Premade, it had probably been waiting for us for a while. Made-to-order customizable salads are available for $9.95 with your choice of organic field greens, spinach or romaine lettuce with unlimited toppings. If salad’s your thing, you might opt for a fresh, made-to-order one.

“Dad you haven’t lived until you’ve had one of these,” my daughter said of the Sweet Cinnamon Sugar Strips. The strips—stone-fired crust dusted with cinnamon sugar and drizzled with icing—were extremely sweet, but yummy. 

Built and cooked before your eyes, Pieology’s pizzas were a hit with my crew. I’ll be back to dine on more pineapple pizza for sure.