Sabor Latino’s Inspired Latin American Cuisine

. July 28, 2016.

Sabor Latino

211 N. Main St | Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Phone: (734) 214-7775
Hours: Mon: 11am-9pm |
Tue: 11am-11pm | Wed-Thurs: 11am-9pm |
Fri-Sat 11am-11pm | Sun 11am-9pm

Across from the courthouse on North Main sits Sabor Latino. Let the record reflect that the only thing the restaurant is guilty of is offering authentic Latin American cuisine from Mexico, Cuba and beyond. 

Sabor Latino has patio seating and two dining rooms, one occupied by a bar. My family of four sat at a table in the main dining room surrounded by natural brick and yellow walls, with a touch of Latin accent.

We started with drinks including a lime margarita for my husband.

“Take a picture,” my daughter, 9, instructed when the margarita arrived.

“I can’t,” I replied.


“It’s a family magazine.”

“Well, shouldn’t you tell everyone they have alcohol?” she asked.

Good point.

Our drinks complemented a basket of tortilla chips and salsa. The first basket is free, extras are $1.50. Instead of more chips, we decided to move on to chorizo and cheese in the Queso Flameado dip ($6.55), served with flour tortillas. Lit on fire tableside, the service presentation of the dip was exciting, and it tasted delicious, and slightly greasy, in a good way. We demolished it.

Other appetizer choices included nachos, flautas (taco-ingredient stuffed tortillas, rolled and fried), and Argentine-style empanadas.

Mexican and more

Sabor Latino offers a bevy of Mexican and Latin American-inspired dishes, like fish tacos, Pabellon Criollo (shredded beef with Venezuelan style vegetables), and various types of ceviche, a dish where the seafood is marinated and “cooked” in the acidic juice of citrus fruit. My son, 12, appreciates fish and ordered the Ceviche Mexicano ($6.99), tilapia marinated in lime juice topped with avocado slices and shrimp, served with tostadas.

I was drawn to the Pupusas Dinner ($10.99), a Salvadoran meal. It was described as two thick handmade corn cakes stuffed with cheese, topped with pastor (marinated pork), fresh cabbage, more cheese and salsa, served with white rice and black beans.

My husband selected the Pollo Asado ($13.99): pan-grilled chicken breast, marinated in a Puerto Rican sauce (made with olive oil, garlic, cumin, oregano, lime juice, vinegar and other ingredients), served with white rice, Puerto Rican style beans, and fried plantains.

The kid’s menu offered a taco, quesadilla, enchilada, salad, Tarta de Queso (Mexican bun stuffed with cheese, lettuce and tomato), or a 3-Meat Combo with broiled chicken, grilled steak and pastor served with beans, rice and tortillas ($3-$7.55). Sides included Mexican rice, pinto beans, fries, and potato wedges ($3). My daughter picked a steak taco and Mexican rice.

¡Buen apetito! 

The pace at Sabor Latino was relaxed yet energetic as Latin music pulsed overhead. When it was time to dig in, I found my pupusas flavorful and spicy. I liked how the corn cakes absorbed the marinated pork. The cabbage added crunch and the cheese contributed a milky mellowness. 

“Tasty sauce,” my husband commented referring to his Pollo Asada. He felt the chicken was a bit overcooked, but enjoyed the dish overall, including the flavorsome beans and sweet plantains.

I wondered if one taco would be enough for my daughter. However, it came with copious amounts of meat and cheese. 

“No words,” she commented.

“Because it’s that good?”


My son started strong and finished weak. “You can really taste the flavors,” he enthused. However, the ceviche was more like a chopped salad than a fillet. He soon shunned any tilapia that touched onion, tomato, cilantro or lettuce. Oh well, that meant tasty leftovers for Mom and Dad.

Our bellies full of Latin American goodness, we passed on dessert. Next time we might try delicacies such as churros, plantains, flan or Mexican ice cream.

The Short Course

Kid-friendly: Yes
To avoid wait: Skip Taco Tuesday when crowds abound…or brave the crowd and visit for the $1 tacos!
Noise level: Moderate to high
Bathroom amenities: Changing table in women’s, not men’s
High chairs? Yes and boosters
Got milk? Yes, plus pop, lemonade, and Jarritos soda from Mexico
Kids’ menu? Yes
Anything healthy for kids? Try the kid’s salad sans sour cream
Food allergy concerns? Let them know your concerns and they will try to accommodate you.