Try Asian American Pastries, Lunch and Drinks at Q Bakehouse and Market

Q Bakehouse and Market opened on Valentine’s Day this year, and it is creating a buzz in the neighborhood and selling out of items daily since.

Owner Rachel Liu Martindale said, “I wanted to open a retail storefront that had pastries that incorporate my Asian American upbringing. We offer pastries, lunch specials, frozen dumplings, house-made condiments, and retail pantry staples.”

A cup of tea and a baked good from the Q Bakery.
A cup of tea and a baked good from the Q Bakery. Photo by Donna Iadipaolo.

We tried some of the delicious cookies and buns at the shop and everything was either perfectly savory or delicately, not too sweet, and had unique textures. The products stay true to the name of the shop.

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“Q is a Taiwanese culinary term to describe the sought-after bouncy, springy, and elastic texture of handmade noodles, mochi, tapioca pearls in boba tea, rice cakes, et cetera,” Martindale said. “It’s a texture that is well known and loved in Taiwanese and Chinese cultures, like what ‘al dente’ is for Italians.” Both savory and sweet foods can be described as Q.

Martindale is of both Taiwanese and Chinese heritage. A former engineer, she has discovered baking to be her true love.

“I’ve owned a bakery since 2017 but rebranded to Q in the last 6 months,” Martindale said. “Milk + Honey and the commercial kitchen was in Milan. We did not have a retail location and just did custom orders and wholesaled to local coffee shops.”

Q Bakehouse also offers specialty coffees and tea to enjoy with the baked goods. That part is called Strider Coffee Stop and is run by Caleb Ingalsbe.

“The collaboration is really great,” Martindale said. “We both do what we know best and having coffee/tea available is great to compliment the pastries.”

The atmosphere is quaint with a few tables and a bar facing a glass window, perfect for people-watching.

“I haven’t eaten in the space as a customer, but we try to make the space a welcoming, bright, and cozy place for people to enjoy their food,” Martindale said.

We ate by the window once and enjoyed a pineapple bun and Hugo tea while watching the construction at the gas station between the split of Huron into Jackson and Dexter.

We tried their Milk Bread Bun with Garlic Chili Chive and Parm, which was wonderful and reportedly the most popular item. We also had a paper cake and miso cookie. Everything was unique and perfectly fell within the “Q” described flavor and texture. Their Rooibos tea and “Hugo Grey” had wonderful notes as well. We want to try their coffee and other offerings. The wait staff and people who frequent are super nice and welcoming.

Rumors, however, say that their goodies sell out often, so do arrive early.

“The best days to come in are weekdays and/or earlier in the day, usually up until 11 a.m, to have the best selection of items and also snag a seat,” Martindale suggested. “Our space is small so we don’t have much seating or room for highchairs, but we can accommodate strollers. We also have outdoor seating for the warmer days.”

In addition to delightful food items, beautiful people, and quaint space, they donate some of their profits to good causes.

“We donate 10% of profit to two local charities, The Hope Clinic and Ozone House,” Martindale said.

Q Bakehouse is located at 1608 Jackson, in the plaza at the split where Huron forks off to Dexter and Jackson. Their hours are Tuesday-Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. or until sold out.

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