July 2019 Giveaway—Rescue Runts

These Rescue Runts and Rescue Runts Babies by KD Kids, their smaller counterpart, need a home to call their own! The super soft plush puppies Rescue Runts arrive in their crate packaging with matted fur full of fleas, dirty paws, bruises and bumps, tears in their eyes and downturned ears. Care for your Rescue Runt using the included grooming kit to pick out the fleas, remove the cast, clean the dirt from their paws, wipe away their tears and brush their messy fur. Need a fun, compact pal for your child to play with while traveling this summer? The four-inch plush Rescue Runts Babies are a great option and offer so many ways for kids to engage in imaginative play. Kids can not only adopt the pet they’ve been longing for but also develop responsibility and nurturing skills. This month we’re giving one lucky winner a set of one Rescue Runt and one Rescue Runts Baby (over $30 value).