Attention To Your Tension: Where To Get Your Monthly Massage

Ready to rid your aches and pains? Find relief and rejuvenation with the following massage specialists — and all within Washtenaw County.

What was once considered a mere luxury is now an integral part of wellness and a healthy lifestyle. A monthly massage (or weekly, for some) has become as much a routine as gym workouts, nutritional diets, and lacing up the running shoes.

Today’s massage is individualized and targeted to address specific concerns. It’s a specialized therapy for the body, mind, and even a peaceful soul. And with an expansive array of therapies available — from full body and deep tissue massage to myofascial release, energy healing, and so much more, whatever the aggravating ailment, there’s surely a massage therapy ready to offer relief.

So, let’s no longer ignore annoying knots in the back, kinks in the neck, tension in the shoulders, or pressure on the throat (yes, that’s a thing!). There’s a therapist — many of them, actually — ready, willing, and trained to assist. And they’re right here, in our own backyard of Washtenaw County. 

Balance and Composure Massage and Microblading

Awarded South Lyon’s best massage therapist in 2019 and 2020, clients can receive therapeutic or Swedish massage, as well as alternative therapies for energy healing through Reiki sessions (a Japanese energy healing technique). There’s also the option of hot stone massage, facial therapy, and hand and foot scrubs.

125 N Lafayette St, South Lyon. 734-718-5826.

Balance Massage Therapy

At Balance Massage Therapy, they do understand that, yes, life is active — and their therapists assist clients in finding relief — and perhaps even experience more life balance.

5155 Plymouth Rd, Ann Arbor. 734-660-5919.

Body Wisdom Massage Therapy

If muscle spasms, pain cycles, or tightness in the fascia have your muscles wound too tight, Body Wisdom Massage Therapy offers specific massages to relieve the tension through connective tissue techniques and myofascial release, as well as hot stone massage, bamboo fusion, and Reiki massage for energy healing — alleviating physical, emotional, and mental stress.

8009 Main St, Dexter. 734-424-2800.

Fran Coys Salon and Spa

Tailored to all — including expectant mothers — who are seeking therapeutic massage, specialty neck, back, and shoulder massage, as well as Reiki energy wellness — in addition to their full service of skin treatments, microblading, and more.

418 S. Wagner Rd, Ann Arbor. 734-665-7207.

Hand and Stone® Massage and Facial Spa

Hand & Stone offers a full complement of specialty massages, including hot stone massage and couples massage, as well as spa services such as facials and bikini wax with full-leg hair removal. 

223 N Maple Rd, Ann Arbor. 734-274-6611.

Healing Forest Massage & Wellness

For true deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, sports massage, and relaxation treatments, licensed massage therapist Brendan Collins can reduce pain and stress levels, as well as offer guidance on nutrition and diet; a one-stop shop for a healthier life.

1925 Pauline Blvd, Suite E, Ann Arbor. 734-218-0909.

healing hands
Image courtesy of Healing Hands Physical Therapy.

Healing Hands Physical Therapy

From muscle spasms and neck pain to pelvic health issues and so much more, they have the experts to treat it — and they seek to find underlying causes of muscular dysfunction to create personalized recovery plans. 

58 Parkland Plaza, Ste 100, Ann Arbor. 734-222-8515.

LaVida Massage

LaVida offers various massages, including those specialized in the neck and throat, prenatal, and couples massage, as well as a lengthy list of enhancements — from aromatherapy and essential oils to topical pain relievers, CBD, and muscle and joint balms.

2793 Plymouth Rd, Ann Arbor. 734-222-1020.

Image courtesy of Main Street Massage Therapy.

Main Street Massage Therapy

Muscular dysfunction is addressed here through therapeutic massage techniques to promote relaxation, restoration, healing, and balance — as well as helping increase range of motion.

328 S Main St, Ann Arbor. 734-827-2777.

Massage Envy

At Massage Envy, massage treatments are customized to each client, with a vast variety of massage options — and only quality lotions that are paraben- and sulfate-free are used.

42791 Ford Rd, Canton. 734-928-2133.

Precision Chiropractic & Massage Center

Available to help those with back and spine concerns — including helping pregnant women to be more comfortable, at Precision Chiropractic they combine chiropractic care with massage therapy and Precise Structural Correction (which corrects structural shifts in the spine) for a more comfortable day, every day.

2345 S Huron Pkwy, Ann Arbor. 734-973-6898.

RelaxStation Massage Therapy

For nine of 12 years, RelaxStation has been voted the #1 place to get a massage \

— graciously serving clients with an array of massages which can even be, weather-permitting, conducted in the serenity of the outdoors.

300 W Huron St, Ann Arbor. 734-623-1951.

Sandstone Therapeutic Massage

Where a therapeutic touch increases mobility and assists in overcoming stress-related conditions, their drug-free alternative healing can alleviate chronic symptoms, providing relief and relaxation.

47220 W 10 Mile Rd, Novi. 248-348-8770.

thrive massage
Image courtesy of Thrive Massage & Bodywork, LLC.

Thrive Massage & Bodywork, LLC

With more than 20 years of massage and bodywork experience, the pros at Thrive Massage assist clients in effectively reducing pain and supporting physical and mental healing.

2500 Packard St #201A, Ann Arbor. 734-645-4007.


Literally translating to face-to-face (vis-à-vis), personalized experience is the name of the game at this location, where personal consultation leads to customized services for whole-body health and well-being, including massage options, as well as a multitude of salon services.

320 Miller Ave #171, Ann Arbor. 734-213-7455.

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