Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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GrieveWell Kite Festival

GrieveWell Hosts Fifth Annual Kite Flying Festival to Honor Lost Loved Ones

The non-profit GrieveWell is hosting its Fifth Annual Kite Flying Festival. Early registration to the event is encouraged, here's how.
at-home covid test

Free At-Home COVID Test Kits Available to Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti Residents

Say Yes! is providing rapid-test kits to residents in the area. Here's how to pick one up and how to use it to keep everyone safe.
Safe Headphone Use

Now Hear This!: Preventing Hearing Loss in Children with Safe Headphone Use

Improper headphone usage can lead to hearing loss in children. We spoke with local experts on ways to keep your child’s hearing safe.
Mood Lifters

Mood Lifters: Change Your Thinking to Fight Off Depression, Stress, and Anxiety

Mood Lifters uses science and mentally healthy activities to empower its participants. Here's how to join the group and stay positive.
covid vaccination

Washtenaw County COVID-19 Vaccination Sites

Stumped on where to get your COVID vaccination? We have a list of the places in Washtenaw County that are taking appointments.
local massage

Attention To Your Tension: Where To Get Your Monthly Massage

Ready to rid your aches and pains? Find relief and rejuvenation with the following massage specialists — and all within Washtenaw County.