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Ditch the Screen Time for Outside Play

Michigan mom promotes nature immersion as a way of life. Join the 1000 Hours Outside campaign to reduce screen time and be part of nature!

Finding Your Footing in Uncertain Times with Forest Meditation

Taking a moment to reconnect with nature is important. We spoke with Julie Woodward of Mindful Awakenings about nature meditation

Black Doulas in Ann Arbor

A doula is a professional who assists people and their partners during their pregnancy, birthing experience, and postpartum recovery. Assistance is both emotional and...

Considering the HPV vaccine for your child?

By Mishal Charania The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine has been recommended and approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration since 2006. According to...

Holiday Themed Workouts for the Whole Family

By Oriana Gulvezan (Coach O) It’s the most wonderful time of the year…to workout! As a fitness instructor and native Ann Arborite who finds my passion...

Covid 19 Testing Sites in Washtenaw County

With an uptick in Covid-19 cases in Michigan, testing for Covid is an important component to limiting the spread as families travel and visit...

2022 New Year’s Resolution: Get Better Sleep

by Kimberly Blaker As we approach the new year, health is often at the top of resolutions.  One area of health that affects your entire...

Man Therapy Michigan Destigmatize Men’s Mental Health

The University of Maryland has launched a new mental health campaign in Michigan to destigmatizing men’s mental health called Man Therapy.

GrieveWell Hosts Fifth Annual Kite Flying Festival to Honor Lost Loved Ones

The non-profit GrieveWell is hosting its Fifth Annual Kite Flying Festival. Early registration to the event is encouraged, here's how.

Free At-Home COVID Test Kits Available to Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti Residents

Say Yes! is providing rapid-test kits to residents in the area. Here's how to pick one up and how to use it to keep everyone safe.

Now Hear This!: Preventing Hearing Loss in Children with Safe Headphone Use

Improper headphone usage can lead to hearing loss in children. We spoke with local experts on ways to keep your child’s hearing safe.

Mood Lifters: Change Your Thinking to Fight Off Depression, Stress, and Anxiety

Mood Lifters uses science and mentally healthy activities to empower its participants. Here's how to join the group and stay positive.