Saturday, May 15, 2021
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local massage

Attention To Your Tension: Where To Get Your Monthly Massage

Ready to rid your aches and pains? Find relief and rejuvenation with the following massage specialists — and all within Washtenaw County.

NamaSitter Aims to Help Prenatal Women Prioritize Health and Wellness

Sarah Burch is in the process of starting Namasitter where she will offer private yoga lessons to prenatal women. Here's what you should know.
Her Drive

High School Students Collect Donations for Local Drive

Community High School students are collecting donations of feminine hygiene for Her Drive to help underserved woman get products they need.
Winter Walks.

Winter Walks with the Family to Clear Your Mind

Winter walks can help adjust the mood and anxiety for the whole family. Here are a few benefits to those nice, winter walks.
Thanksgiving during COVID

Top 5 Tips for Handling Thanksgiving During COVID-19

Thanksgiving is sure to look a little different during a pandemic. Here are a few tips for handling a COVID Thanksgiving from residents in Washtenaw County.
Family Yin Yoga

Best Yin Yoga Poses for the Whole Family

Yin Yoga incorporates elements of Chinese medicine, and is all about holding positions and slowing down. Here are the top five poses for getting started with Yin with the family.