Washtenaw County Offers Free Hearing and Vision Screenings

A child getting an eye exam.
Photo from Pexels.

Before each child starts kindergarten or preschool, it is required by the Michigan Public Health Code that they have their hearing and vision tested. The Washtenaw County Health Department is offering free services for hearing and vision screenings for incoming students in the fall. Appointments are available May until August 2024.4

Deborah Thompson, lead hearing and vision technician at the Washtenaw County Health Department said, “Young children and their parents may not realize if they have a hearing or vision problem.”

“Undiagnosed hearing and vision problems can be serious barriers to learning and development. Our goal is to identify problems early to make sure kids have all the tools they need to hear, see, and learn before school starts,” she said.

In a vision screening, visual acuity, farsightedness, ability to use two eyes together and symptoms of eye problems are tested. Based on a child’s needs, hearing screenings are done with an audiometer and other equipment.

For children already in school, the Washtenaw County Health Department regularly conducts free in-school screenings.

Last year, they provided 40,746 hearing and vision screenings. More information about the Washtenaw County Health Department Hearing and Vision Program can be found at washtenaw.org/1133/Hearing-Vision.

To schedule a free screening appointment for your child, call 734-544-6786.