January 2015 Prize Pack

. January 8, 2015.

The countdown for the January giveaway begins now! You have this month to enter for a chance to win this month's prize package. Cover up unsightly wall outlets and make sure visitors don’t disturb nap time all courtesy of Ann Arbor Family!

Prize includes:

LivingPlug Inlet Wall Plug-Ins
Reclaim lost aesthetics in your home from outlet blight with these personalized cover-ups! Images and photographs from the LivingPlug Gallery, or your own images, can be used as faceplates that secure to the INLETs chrome pins. A great way to protect kids’ curious fingers! www.livingplug.com

Knock Nanny
A simple to install doorbell cover that reminds visitors that kids are sleeping is a genius way to keep nap time from being disturbed. It comes with an assortment of fun decals!