Storytelling Festival for Kids

. January 30, 2015.

Three storytellers will take the stage at the Ark to tell unique children's tales. Alton Chung mixes superstitions of the Hawaiian Islands with the history of Japan, blending a unique mixture of Eastern mythology and island legends. Chung retells mysterious folklore with such passion, it is sure to stimulate a worldly curiosity in the young listener. Rev. Robert B Jones Sr. has a storytelling style rooted in African American Roots music tradition. The Detroit storyteller uses music, art, and animated oration to captivate the listener, and communicate the heart of the African culture. Jennifer Otto pulls magic out of thin air, spinning whimsical tales with her words, noises, and movement. She guides children through imaginative and descriptive stories, in narratives that could only come about through a voracious reader like herself. Bring the little ones and join all three for a very special event.

1pm, Sunday, February 22. $10. 316 S. Main St. 734-761-1451.