The golden rule

. June 26, 2013.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It’s a rule of thumb most parents will recall learning at an early age, but for the new generation these words of wisdom have taken a different spin. Be Good to People (BGTP) is an apparel and lifestyle accessory company that formed in 2008 after founder Kris Wittenberg encountered a rude shopper while running errands. After asking, “Why can’t people just be good to people?” the entrepreneur put her philosophical musing to work with the new brand. BGTP began by producing t-shirts depicting the phrase “Be Good to People” that were only in black or white because the principle is that simple. The company has since expanded to include a 30-item product line including environmentally friendly and reusable containers for animals and pets, 100% recyclable grocery totes, and notepads and journals that come with biodegradable pens. Additionally, 5% of every sale goes into a fund which rewards people for being good to people. For more information, visit