Free Series on Dementia Offered through Glacier Hills Senior Living Community

Glacier Hills Senior Living Community will offer a free webinar series to the community about dementia and caregiving. Here’s how to check it out.

Glacier Hills Senior Living Community will be hosting a free webinar series that helps community members learn more about dementia and caregiving. The series is set to start in June.

The Walter J. Weber Dementia Education Series will help community members learn about the training and techniques used while working with or caring for individuals experiencing cognitive decline. There are four virtual webinars in total, and each will take place on either a Wednesday and a Tuesday. Classes will be offered from June until December 2021. Taking part in all four webinars will help citizens get the full benefit of the training and education throughout the year.

There is also a two-day private skills workshop for those working with people experiencing cognitive decline or dementia. These will be small hands-on group mentoring and online group learning and skill assessments as well. 

Glacier Hills Senior Living Center believes that the ongoing professional training for dementia care is extremely important. Understanding these residents’ needs is of the utmost importance. Up to 70% of residents in any continuing care retirement community have some form of cognitive decline or dementia. Understanding the progression of the disease and its effects on behavior can be tough to spot, which is why Glacier Hills wants to help. 

Teepa Snow, a national leader in the field of education for dementia caregiving, will be teaching two of the four webinars.

Those interested in the Walter J. Weber Dementia Education Series can register for their webinars here. For more information, check out the Glacier Hills Senior Center website.

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