Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Toledo Zoo Offers Black Tie and Tennis Shoe Event, ZOOtoDO

The Toledo Zoo is excited to announce the return of their ZOOtoDO event. Come out for a night of music, drinks, and animal fun!
child care

“Unnecessary and Unconscionable”: An Update on AAPS’ Decision to Remove Before and After School...

The Ann Arbor Public Schools have canceled the before and after school care programs, and parents are not happy. Here's what's happening
CLN childrens literacy network

The Children Literacy Network Celebrates 30 Years of Providing Reading Resources to the Community

The Children's Literacy Network is throwing an "A Night for the Books" event for adults to celebrate their 30 year anniversary.
Milan Beach

Facebook Group Rallies Against Milan Beach Management

Residents have raised concerns over Milan Beach, an area that has slowly become filled with trash and feels unsafe. Here's what they have to say.
chelsea district library

Chelsea District Library Announces Upcoming Summer Reading Program

Chelsea District Library announces plans for its upcoming Summer Reading Program. Check out the awesome prizes, how to participate, and more!
ann arbor public school

Parents Petition Ann Arbor Public School Board to Reinstate Before and After School Child...

The parents of Ann Arbor Public Schools are petitioning the board to reinstate the before and after school care program that came during COVID