September 2020 Giveaway – Explore the World with Books

With school just around the corner, give your child a jump start with some amazing books to explore the world with! This month, enter for a chance to win four amazing titles to get your kids ready to learn. Explore space, the ocean, and problem solve with stickers and fun! 

Atlas of Ocean Adventures lets young readers plunge into the ocean to discover sea creatures, habitats, and unmissable underwater events from the comfort of their own home.

Peel + Discover Space blasts readers into the sky with colorful planets, swirling black holes, and many brave astronauts. Also, you’ll get hundreds of stickers and cool facts underneath.

Mega-Maze Adventure isn’t just a maze, the whole book is a maze! Have hours of endless fun with one of the longest mazes in a book.

The Alphabet from the Sky will give readers a brand new perspective of the alphabet!