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Mask Skincare: A Conversation with Local Dermatologist, Dr. Laura Ganger

Frequent hand washing and wearing face masks are necessary to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Unfortunately, with the increase in these practices, many people are experiencing breakouts (or “maskne”) and other skin irritations. We reached out to local dermatologist, Dr. Laura Ganger of Ganger Dermatology to assist our readers with general skincare under these conditions.

Parenting During COVID-19: Helpful Tips and Resources

Have you been struggling under the weight of parenting this summer? If so, you are not alone. I’ve always been very determined to “parent like a pro,” and I’ll bet you are too! Working remotely, parenting, and schooling our kids from home is a tall order. Let me be the first to say: You’ve got

The Coronavirus: Going to the Dogs

In a time when families are spending most of their days at home, adopting a new pet has emerged as a trend.  The appeal of being home to train, bond, and enjoy the new family addition has resulted in a pet-boom, especially with dogs.   Many local families, like the Bixlers, enhanced their quarantine with