High School Students Collect Donations for Local Drive

Her Drive
Image courtesy of James Catanzaro

A team of Community High Students is helping out under-resourced women in the Ann Arbor area.

Sela Gur-Arie is a senior at Community High School and the head volunteer for the Ann Arbor Her Drive. The three presidents of the local drive are Gur-Arie, Tai Tworek, and Delia Binetti.

Her Drive is run by three college students out of Chicago,” described Gur-Arie. “This organization allows kids to host their own drives within their own city. I am a co-president of the Community High School Service Club. So I got together with the other two presidents, Tai Tworek and Delia Binetti, and we decided to host our own drive.”

Gur-Arie describes their mission as “to close the gap for under-resourced people.”

Her Drive collects bras, menstrual supplies, and other general hygiene products to distribute. Limited access to feminine care products is a public health issue.

The local group includes about 20 students that are utilizing social media, the internet, and word-of-mouth to run their drives. The items they’re looking for are bras, feminine products, and other hygiene supplies. 

“We got in contact with our community through different social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and Nextdoor to have anyone in the area help collect items,” detailed Gur-Arie.

Due to COVID, their methods for collecting donations have changed.  

“With COVID, we have a system that includes a donor interest form that has you fill out your information to arrange a donation pick-up date with us,” Gur-Arie explained. “The organization was started at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic as many people lost jobs and needed help.”

Gur-Arie said she feels grateful and accomplished by their work.

“I got involved with Her Drive in December and it has been one of the most amazing experiences ever,” she shared. “We have received over 100 responses on the donor interest form and we hope to hit 200 soon. We also had our Service Club members reach out to family, neighbors, and sports teams where we have collected many donations as well.”

The help from the community has definitely been astounding.

“Only halfway into our drive we have already collected thousands of pads and tampons,” she recalled. “I hope this drive inspires people to donate items that they don’t use instead of just throwing them out. Many products go to waste and there are people out there who would be grateful to give them use.”

The last pick-up date for the drive is February 13. Anyone who is interested can contact Gur-Aire by email at sgurarie2012@gmail.com or can go directly to the link for the donor interest form Her Drive Ann Arbor, Michigan: Donor Interest Form.