A few of our favorite things: June 2017

Sweet Garden Play Tent This tent is sure to provide hours of make-believe magic. The vibrant tent, patterned in colorful illustrations, is made from soft and durable cotton canvas with real pine poles. Able to be set up in a matter of minutes, this portable tent features a closeable mesh window with hook-and-loop tabs and

Easter basket Alternatives

Hurricane Reusable Water Balls This summer, make tying water balloon knots a thing of the past!  Hurricane Reusable Water Balls are soft silicone rubber balls that self-seal and fill in seconds when submerged in water.  Upon impact the water bursts out, soaking your target. They can withstand more than1000 throws. Ages 5+ | $9.99 |

March 2017: Favorite things

Sci-fi Junior High Written by Scott Seegert of Farmington, Michigan, and illustrated by John Martin of Farmington Hills, Michigan, this funny graphic novel is an out-of-this-world story about friendship, accepting our differences, and the fight against evil… bunnies. Kelvin Klosmo isn’t just the new kid at school— he’s the new kid in the galaxy. Welcome

January 2017 Family Favorites

The Y Bike PEWI Elite The Y Bike PEWI Elite, a unique balance guide and ride-on for little ones, allows complete freedom of movement and encourages them to develop their coordination intuitively. As kids maneuver the Y Bike, they work on core strength and the coordination of their arms and legs, improving gross motor skills.

December 2016 Family Favorites

Peaceful Puppy The Calm Down Companion is a product with a purpose. This peaceful pup employs a multi-sensory approach to help children get to sleep with a calmer state of mind when they feel upset. The toy was developed in a partnership between the local ChadTough Foundation, headed up by Tammi and Jason Carr, and

November 2016 Favorite Things

Sistema yogurt on the go Looking for an easy way to save money while feeding the yogurt lovers in your family? Create your own single serve yogurts with Sistema yogurt food storage containers! This two pack of small yogurt containers keeps it fresh while on the go. They are perfect for yogurt, baby food and