An Artsy Night Out Downtown

. September 5, 2017.

Description: As the business name points out, this date is all about painting. My husband, Brent, and I had never done an artsy date night before and were excited to go home with a work of art. Brent had never really painted before but was intrigued. Upon arrival we walked down the graffiti-lined steps to the basement studio where we were greeted by loud, fun music and tables set up with easels ready for painting. Our instructor introduced himself with a silly fur boa performance and the fun began.

How it works: The paint-and-pour staff provides all the gear you will need for the painting. You are given a blank canvas and you get to choose your spot at a long table with other guests. Our instructor led us through the painting process step by step with a mix of professional expertise and snarky jokes. During down time participants nosh on their brought-from-home snacks and wine. Overall the atmosphere is very festive. Our group included a bachelorette party!

What our partners thought: Brent was impressed by the finished product he was able to paint. Although he had never painted before, his art looked like a legitimate piece of artwork. He wished there had been snacks and drinks provided.

Fun: Painting together! It’s nice to have an activity to keep you and your partner busy while having lots of time to chat. We also enjoyed creating something together. And, bonus, you go home with a painting so you can always remember the night. The music playlist they play is great with fantastic mix of early 2000s, 80s, and today – jam painting to Journey anyone?

Weird: Based on the name of the business we assumed that snacks and drinks would be provided but were disappointed when we realized they weren’t. Although, they do provide paper plates, plastic utensils, cups, napkins, as well as wine screws and bottle openers. So make sure to bring your own drinks and food for the frequent drink breaks.

Would we do it again: I don’t think it’s a date we would schedule regularly but we would love to try out one of their couples-specific nights. Couples each paint a portion of the same painting. Serious teamwork.

Duration: 2-3 hours
Cost: As a general rule, a 2-hour class is about $35 and a 3-hour class is approximately $45.
When: Classes are held throughout the week; most in the evening but they also offer afternoon classes as well. See the full schedule on their website.

Paint and Pour
220 S. Main St.