Back to School Wreath

. September 5, 2017.

As summer vacation comes to a close, we are getting back into the swing of things with earlier bedtimes, a few trips to the mall for school clothes, and a lot of new school supplies. However, all of this school prep doesn’t have to be boring. Pick up a few extra boxes of crayons while buying your supplies and make a crayon wreath. It can be given as a teacher gift or used in your own home. This craft was surprisingly cheap (about 5 dollars) and only took 30 minutes to make! What a fun way to utilize the back to school sales and also fill up those few extra minutes before the kids head back to school.


3 boxes 24 count crayons
8” embroidery hoop *
12” embroidery hoop
Small chalkboard
2 ft. Ribbon
Desired embellishments
(ruler, pencils, stickers, etc.)
Hot glue gun
*One unfinished wooden wreath can
be used instead of the hoops



Hot glue crayons to the embroidery hoops with the bottom of the crayon glued to the 8” hoop and the top half of the crayon glued to the 12” hoop. If using a wreath form, simply glue the crayons to the wreath so the wood doesn’t show.

Add glue to the corners of the chalkboard; place right in the center so the corners are glued to the crayons.

Add desired embellishments. I used a ruler and an apple I cut out from a flashcard but some other options are pencils, mini composition book, stickers, or other cut outs.

Glue a bow to the top of the wreath. Attach ribbon to the back so the
wreath can be hung up.