More than a walk in the woods

. October 23, 2012.

So many city kids miss their chance to see the wider world until they're practically grown. Acclaimed Ann Arbor author Davy Rothbart (creator of Found magazine and author of the forthcoming My Heart is An Idiot) has a passion for changing that. Rothbart began his annual Washington II Washington youth camping expedition in 2010, in honor of Emanuel Durant, a young DC native whom Rothbart befriended, but who died in a shooting before Rothbart could take him hiking. The first trip took Washington students to New Hampshire's Mount Washington (hence the name), but Rothbart aims for a new destination each year. This year's trip, in early August, took 22 young hikers — including 8 from Rothbart's own Southeastern Michigan — to the Seneca Rocks region of Monongahela National Forest in West Virginia. It's an inspiring opportunity for kids to widen their horizons in ways they never knew were possible.

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