Getting a Grip on ADD/ADHD

Since July 2009, Ann Arbor Area ADHD Support Group  has provided local resources, support, and educational services to parents of children with ADD/ADHD and teens who have the disorder.

Kim Garver took over as organizer in 2010 and now leads the parents’ portion of the group. Garver finds that the group support helps her to find new practical strategies on how to deal with ADD from a parent’s perspective.

“It’s an ongoing source of education—I stay current with new topics and new strategies and have learned what works for others,” she said.
Organizer Matt Cunningham leads the adult portion of the Ann Arbor support group. “We try to build a strong sense of community, connect people with the correct resources, and fight the stigma associated with the condition. Also, we shine a light on the strength of ADHD and getting the proper support,” Cunningham said.
Garver and Cunningham urge parents who suspect their children might have ADHD to get checked by a professional and find social support.

“ADHD is both under and over diagnosed in different populations. It tends to be overdiagnosed in boys, especially non-minority teens, while being underdiagnosed and undertreated in adults, girls, and minority populations,” Garver said. “It is important to see a professional who has the time and skills to make a proper diagnosis.”

Ann Arbor Area ADHD/ADD Support Group is officially sponsored by CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder), a nonprofit organization that provides education, advocacy, and support to individuals with ADHD. Visit for information on how to get involved.