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Special Needs

Michigan Alliance for Families

Parents Supporting Parents with Children with Special Needs

The Michigan Alliance for Families offers parent-to-parent support and resources to help children get the special education services they need.

Local Resources For Special Needs Children And Families

Local Resources for Special Needs Children and Families

How To Support Parents Of Special Needs Children

How To Support Parents Of Special Needs Children

How parents can help children with special needs make friends in the classroom

We’ve all felt anxious and nervous as we send our kids off to school, hoping that they will learn and make new friends.  For parents of a child with special needs that anxious feeling...

Support for Children with Special Needs from Local Mothers

Courtney Stinson is a resident of Washtenaw County, mother of two children, and married to her supportive husband, Jeff. Stinson’s first child, Nathan, was born completely healthy. When Stinson got pregnant with her second...

Make the Holidays More Fun for Kids with Sensory Issues

Parties and family gatherings, special food, twinkling lights – what’s not to like about the holidays? Plenty, for kids with autism and other sensory challenges. Many are easily overwhelmed by new sights and sounds. Spending...