Mother's Day Favorites

. May 1, 2014.

Yunyi He
mom to Nicole, 7, Alex, 4, Ann Arbor

Yunyi He, mom of two, hopes for beautiful weather this Mother’s Day. In the past, the family has traveled to the Tulip Festival in Holland, MI. She is also content to stay home, relax, and tend to her garden. “I love a wooden trivet my daughter made for me,” says Yunyi. “We picked the paint together, and she painted it in the front yard. My daughter and my son blew bubbles while waiting for the paint to dry, and I was watching them play under the sun. What a nice day!”




Christy Lillie
mom to Alexis, 5, Emma, 3,Luke, 2, Jake, 13 months, Saline

“We celebrate with banana pancakes for breakfast,” says Christy Lillie, mom of four. This year, the family will plant five trees, one for each of the ‘mothers’ her children have had: Luke’s birth mother, his foster mother, Emma’s birth mother, her foster mother, and one for Christy. Her favorite Mother’s Day was when she and her husband were trying to grow their family of three, her husband made a card filled with positive words and a picture of two kids riding bikes. “Three additional kids and three years later, I still think about that card and how it depicted our dream for a bigger family and his faith that it would happen.”




Jennifer Lupton
mom to Emily, 15, Maggie, 12, Saline

Jennifer Lupton, mom of two, receives breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day. “Maggie is a whiz at scrambled eggs,” she says. “Emily makes me the perfect cup of tea.” Later the family attends church. Jennifer fondly recalls when the girls were little and they spent the weekend visiting her mom and sisters in Indianapolis. This year she hopes for a nice, sunny day where they can be outside together.




Darcy Rathjen
mom to Wyatt, 10, Ann Arbor

Darcy Rathjen, mom of Wyatt, jokes that her husband and son should read her mind and meet her “ridiculously high” expectations for Mother’s Day. “Actually,” she clarifies, “I just like to do something together.” Often she receives jewelry, such as the necklace she proudly displays with three stones representing each member of her family. “The zoo is my all-time favorite,” says Darcy, who has visited there several times on past Mother’s Days. “It’s a family day.”