The Birthday Guide

. May 1, 2014.

Cake: Matt made a cowboy boot cake from a 9×12 cake the night before. Instructions from!

Activities:  A “wanted” photo booth was a huge hit with both adults and children. Everyone got a picture being the “wanted” cowboy.  They had a “rope the horse” game using a hula hoop covered with burlap and a rocking horse. Each child had to try to rope the horse from certain distances.

Decor: The aunt of the birthday boys, Catherine, lives in Washington, DC and offered to make and mail the decorations! She couldn't make the party but she definitely MADE the party by sending cowboy 'shoe' gift bags, red and white checkered tablecloths and flags, a copper star and red bandanas.

Party favors: The kids each received a handmade bandanna, a cowboy hat, and a cowboy gift page. Each white gift bag had a brown cowboy boot glued on it with age appropriate favors for the kids. The older girls got spring seeds and the younger kids got candy.












Inspiration: Their birthdays are one day apart (January 7 – Cammy; January 8 – Mark), so Karis wanted to think of a boy/girl themed party that would work for both of them.

Decor: Party printables were ordered from the Etsy shop online. They have editable files and Karis was able to customize and print everything herself.

Sweets & Treats: They ordered pirate cookies from Benny's Bakery in Saline for the kids and made the sheet cake and a smash cake for Mark because it was his first birthday and perfect for him to dig into.

Activities: The printable packages had pirate ship and mermaid coloring pages for the kids.

Party favors: Gold coins, pirate tattoos, mermaid stickers, and a pirate cookie were all in each child’s treasure chest (from the printable party package). Also, they had pirate masks for the boys and shell necklaces for the girls.