2015 After School Guide

. August 31, 2015.

The school bell rings and students are quick to park in front of their TV, iPad or video game, but not if we can help it! Ann Arbor Family is giving you ideas to keep their minds and bodies moving, growing and learning. You’ll find an activity perfect for you family on our local list of after school programs!

The Pittsfield Township Parks & Recreation 

701 W. Ellsworth
734-822-2120 | www.recreation.pittsfield-mi.gov

The Pittsfield Township Parks & Recreation After-School programs at Carpenter Elementary are for all area students from grades K-3. They offer cheerleading, soccer and basketball. These classes are designed to give students a fun, organized activity to keep them active after school. Programs focus on teaching the fundamentals of the specific sports through drills and games. 


Bricks 4 Kidz

3631 Meadow Grove Trail. 
734-868-5964 | www.bricks4kidz.com 

Bricks 4 Kidz is a program that provides a more enriching atmosphere where kids can develop using creativity, while having fun. For those who have less interest in sports, students can use Lego bricks to build specially designed project kits and theme-based models as a way to expand their learning. Bricks 4 Kidz offers a wide range of activities from after school programs to birthday parties. 


CAN Ann Arbor- Community Action Network

P.O. Box 130076
734-994-2985 | canannarbor.org 

The goal of CAN is to prepare youth to become more successful and self sufficient adults. They do this with programs like after school tutoring, parent-teacher mediation, and various enrichment programs that support social growth and skills. Outside of the school year, students can look forward to summer camps and youth employment training programs.


Peachy Fitness

2385 S. Huron Pkwy.
734-681-0477 | www.peachyfitness.com 

The studio promotes fun and fitness that can be enjoyed with other kids, as well as the entire family. Programs for students include yoga, zumba, cardio, basketball, and reading and math club. After school the kids yoga and zumba club comes to various schools to provide non-competitive methods to build self esteem and reduce stress while exercising. Peachy Fitness also offers a space for birthday parties, family workout sessions, and camps.


Ursa Academy Jiu Jitsu

3981 Varsity Dr. 
734-369-8509  | bjjannarbor.com 

Ursa Academy has many benefits to offer students. Unshakable self-confidence, weight loss, physical fitness, self defense, and focus are just a few of the things training in jujitsu can bring to your life. It is a place to boost self esteem and eliminate personal insecurities. These skills transfer to everyday life by exercising them  at school and home. Workout as a family, or in classes with other children, whichever is the best fit for your needs.


Game Start School

Plymouth Road Plaza
2765 Plymouth Rd.
734-926-9213 | gamestartschool.org 

Using game play they inspire interest in art, math, science, and programming. By creating an environment where cutting edge technologies are accessible to children  they educate by giving learners the tools to explore their interests in a safe environment. They use students’ passion for video games, such as Minecraft, to make learning skills relevant. To them, video games inspire discovery and innovation while encouraging self expression and collaboration.


Brain Monkeys

3765 Plaza Dr. 
734-355-6872 | www.brainmonkeys.com 

Brain Monkeys is designed to develop responsible, self reliant, college-bound students. Clear expectations and high standards, along with critical thinking and problem solving skills are a focus. Students become writers, scientists, explorers and artists as they consider questions that stretch thinking and apply individual learning styles. The programs are unique because they teach to each individual student and their own learning style and experience level. Brain Monkeys provides an academically stimulating environment where curious children can learn in an engaging atmosphere. This is an active environment, and students grasp concepts quickly and advance their skills in adventurous ways.


School of Rock Ann Arbor

6101 Jackson Rd.
734-686-3333 | www.locations.schoolofrock.com/annarbor 

This school makes children into rock stars. The School of Rock offers weekly private music lessons on guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, and/or vocals. There are weekly group rehearsals that reinforce music fundamentals while in a team environment, while providing a grasp of music theory basics and technique. This allows the student to understand what it means to play solo, as well as with a group. These programs offer real knowledge that is gained through real fun. Time to rock out!


Young Rembrandts

Contact Kathy Baker at kathy.baker@youngrembrandts.com

Young Rembrandts is a program that teaches the drawing skills children need while developing various learning skills that give children an academic advantage in the classroom. Students learn and use technical drawing skills, discover that involved objects can be broken down into familiar shapes, then use problem solving skills, innovation, and imagination to combine them into awesome masterpieces. These activities improve fine motor skills, patience, and ability to stay on task. This is where kids come to draw like a pro!


Just Us Club Kids

1735 S. Wagner Rd.

This program is open to any student with a disability who are able to function in a group setting. Students take part in fine-motor development and weekly theme-centered projects. Activities include games, baking, movies, art projects, outdoor fun, and music therapy. Accommodations are made for each students’ individual needs and conditions. Kids learn, participate, and have fun in a welcoming atmosphere while developing themselves emotionally, intellectually, and physically.