Child Care Preschool Guide 2011

. January 14, 2013.

Finding the right child care or preschool for your child is no small feat. It is important to locate aplace in line with your values as well  as your child’s needs and personality. We’ve highlighted the best and brightest of Ann Arbor’s child care centers and preschools to help youfind the best place for  your child. 

Children’s Creative Learning Center
5939 Saline Ann Arbor Rd.
At Children’s Creative Learning Center, ourgoal is to provide a positive, nurturing learningrecognize early childhood as a distinctive andimportant stage of life. We believe in workingwith families as partners to provide the bestcare and early childhood experiences. With ourcreative curriculum we focus on a developmentcontinuum from infants through preschool age children. Our highly qualified teachers createa strong literacy foundation,  teaching problem solving skills and academics through purposefulplay (social, emotional, language, physical,  and, cognitive). We are the only preschool in our surrounding area to include Chinese as a second language as part of our regular curriculum, with no extra cost to families. At CCLC
we excel in nutrition, safety and provide our own transportation suitable for preschoolers. Bus trips include specialized field trips that enrich hands-on activities taught in our science and exploration curriculum, which include the importance of preserving our environment. In addition, we understand the importance of art, music, movement and sign language to ensure a well-rounded, all-inclusive preschool experience. For more information and to schedule a tour, please call 734-429-9292 or visit our website

College Nannies and Tutors
3907 Jackson Rd
College Nannies and Tutors offer a safe, consistent option for parents looking for help. Nannies are available full-time, part-time, after the summer. Our company’s vision is to provide more than simple babysitting services, with “Active Role Models” of bright, motivated young people who interact with children one-on-one. We offer a wide range of tutoring, homework help, and college preparatory services. Quality individualized attention can  make all the difference in getting your child ready for a rewarding college career.

Community Day Care and Preschool
1611 Westminster
CDC offers a play-based curriculum based on the philosophy that children learn best through play and exploration. Our preschoolers  throughout the building exploring activities based on their interests. Our teachers support them by structuring activities with developmental goals that provide opportunities for children to develop a sense of independence.

Early Learning Center
3070 Redwood Ave.
The Early Learning Center is a half-day preschool, accredited by NAEYC. Founded in1975, ELC’s mission is to provide a safe and
 nurturing learning environment for preschool age children of all cultural backgrounds and abilities. We believe learning takes place primarilythrough  exploratory play. We offer a variety of both directed and non-directed activities to encourage children to develop a strong sense of curiosity, self esteem, and independence. The operated by a Board of Trustees. For more information, please contact Denise Grzesiak, Director, at 734-973-7722.

First United Methodist Christian Nursery School
120 State St.
FUMCN is a co-op preschool for ages three to five. FUMCN is a caring, stimulating and secure place for children to learn and grow. Our school
has been a part of the community for over 40 years. Three-year-olds meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-11:30am ($544/year), with an adult-child ratio of one to five students. Four-year-olds meet on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9-11:30am ($816/year) with an adult-child ratio of two to nine. The three and four-year-olds split class meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 12:30-3:15pm ($840/year). Parents assist three and four-yearolds in their classrooms between six and eight times per semester. Sibling care is available while parents assist in the classroom.  Youngfive classes meet Monday through Friday from 9am–noon ($2,350/year) with an adult-childratio of one to five with no assists. Our optional explorers club meets Tuesday afternoons during an eight week session for an additional charge. A playgroup for two-year-olds meets on  Mondays.Scholarships are available.

Go Like the Wind Montessori School
3540 Dixboro Ln.
We are committed to the principle that each child deserves to be respected, protected and nurtured during their educational growth. The design of our infant through middle school programs foster a love of learning that helps each student reach their personal and academic potential. Our school is nestled on a 40-acre campus including a 15-acre Nature Center.

Meadow Montessori School
1670 S. Raisinville Rd.
Meadow Montessori School, founded in 1984, is Monroe County’s only independent school, infant through high school. The preschool curriculum includes math, science, geography, language arts, music, art, peace education, and grace and courtesy, as well as two foreign languages: Chinese and Spanish. As a Montessori school, MMS understands the importance of practical life skills. Students
are successful with academic work, because they develop independence, competence, and a sense of responsibility through the practical life materials. MMS offers morning, afternoon, and all-day Montessori programs, with childcare available before and after class, as we are open from 7am to 6pm. Meadow Montessori is located on a six-acre campus, which adjoins farm fields and woods, creating an open laboratory for our environmental sustainability curriculum. Students commutefrom Jackson, Lenawee, Washtenaw, and Wayne  counties. Our goal is to provide the best education independent schools in the region.

U-Move Fitness
401 Washtenaw, 3064 CCRB
KidSport offers children an opportunity to learn and refine non-competitive sport-specificskills, team building, and social skills.  The KidSport morning session teaches sports, games, and other physical activities, both inside the CCRB and outside on Palmer Field, the tenniscourts, basketball court  and roller hockey court. and play), cooperative games, safety behavior, developmentally appropriate, and are developed by experts in children’s physical education. The training. One-week sessions focus on golf, tennis, baseball, basketball, soccer, track and field and other team and individual  8:30am-5pm. We are open until 6pm on Monday through Thursday evenings during the first two weeks of each semester.