Preschool & Child Care Guide

. March 1, 2018.

St. Francis of Assisi
Catholic School

2270 E. Stadium Blvd.
734-821-2200 |
St. Francis Preschool has two classrooms which serve young children ages 3-5, offering half or full day options. Their Enrichment Preschool Room is for 3 and 4 year old children who will be 3 by October 1st. Their Pre-Kindergarten Room is for children who turn 4 years old by October 1st. Their emergent curriculum is child initiated, teacher guided and based on the observed interests of the children; caring St. Francis educators seek out and support the evolving interests of students. The first few years of your child’s life are a critical period of learning and developing, socially, emotionally and intellectually. Connecting with warm, caring educators, like the teachers at St. Francis, can help your preschooler form strong relationships through his or her life. They look forward to embarking on this adventure with you and your child! If you are interested in Catholic education for your student, please contact Christina Busse at or 734-821-2290.

The Discovery Center

775 S. Maple Rd., Ann Arbor
734-663-7496 |
The Discovery Center is an early childhood program for two-and-a-half to five-year-olds that has been serving families in the Ann Arbor area since 1974. With a highly-educated and experienced staff, a modern building designed specifically for their use, and a nurturing, flexible program, the staff at The Discovery Center believes the environment created there for young children is ideal. The Discovery Center has been an accredited program through the National Association for the Education of Young Children since 1993. The Discovery Center provides an environment that encourages each child to approach optimum physical, social, emotional, aesthetic, and intellectual growth. Their programs are based on an open classroom approach with emphasis on a hands-on, experiential environment. The classroom environment encourages each child to explore “discovery centers” set up by the staff and to participate in a full range of activities occurring throughout the day. The program is also enhanced by outside specialists who provide Spanish, music, and storytelling enrichment activities.

Early Learning Center Preschool

3070 Redwood Dr.
734-973-7722 |
The Early Learning Center believes that young children learn best through exploratory play. They offer a variety of both directed and non-directed activities to encourage children to develop a strong sense of curiosity, self-esteem, and independence. The NAEYC accredited school is a traditional half-day preschool program that serves children that are two and a half to five years of age. They are run by a parent board of volunteers so families have an active role in decision making in the program. Each classroom is composed of two teachers with Bachelor’s degrees in Education who team teach and work together to make sure that each child is getting a well-rounded preschool experience.

Rudolf Steiner School
of Ann Arbor

2775 Newport Rd.
734-995-4141 |
At RSSAA their philosophy is that young children learn best in a warm, homelike environment where the curriculum is imparted naturally through daily activities, and where play is central to the program. Simple, natural materials encourage children to form their own games and stories. In this way, our students develop creative thinking, problem-solving abilities and social skills. We intersperse this play with rich, vibrant storytelling, gardening, cooking, and art activities. We lay the groundwork for literacy with our daily Language Arts circle. Poems, songs, stories and beautiful puppet plays deepen vocabulary, increase overall language facilities, and strengthen listening and concentration. Students also participate twice a week in German, Spanish, or Mandarin Chinese immersion classes led by native speakers. Offering 3-, 4- and 5-day programs for children ages 3 to 6, classes are mixed age and multi-year, enabling students to form deep connections to each other and to their teachers. Additionally, they offer Parent-Child classes for parents and children from infancy to age four. The classes are led by a Waldorf trained facilitator who shares resources for parents, and guides singing, visiting, and playing together.

Washtenaw Intermediate School District – Head Start and Great Start Readiness Programs

734-994-8100 x 1551
The Washtenaw Intermediate School District (WISD) is the grantee for the federal Head Start and the Michigan’s Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP), pre-kindergarten programs for low to moderate income families. WISD partners with all local school districts, along with a number of community-based preschool providers, to ensure that high quality classroom-based programs are available at 30 sites, in every community of the county. Programs are completely free for eligible three and four year-olds. Detailed information about program eligibility, program schedules, transportation, and specific site locations is available at

Families can submit an interest form for the 2018/19 school year through the website beginning March 1. If you have additional questions, please call WISD at
1-734-994-8100 x 1551.

Dexter Co-Op Preschool

8260 Jackson Rd.

The Dexter Co-Op Preschool strives to provide a setting where young children engage in group experiences before entering the elementary school and where emphasis is placed on the growth and development of the child and parent together. The preschool offers a 3 year old and 4 year old class with morning and afternoon sessions. The 4 year old program runs on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The 3 year olds attend class on Mondays and Thursdays. There are three assist parents present during each class session to help the children as needed. It is a very warm and inviting atmosphere in which children and parents can interact and get to know each other providing a great environment for preschool learning. The school also places emphasis on the value of physical education in the learning environment. Each class has a physical education session weekly in the school’s amazing new gym and outdoor playground facilities. The school invites you and your family to attend their open house on Wednesday, March 15 from 6-8pm.