The Holiday Gift Guide

. December 2, 2013.

Holiday Ornaments and Creature Cut-Outs

The Garden Store at Matthaei offers items that are loaded with personality and charm. Their BrushArt animals are hand-made from abundant and natural materials, and make delightful and imaginative gifts. You can bend them into different lifelike positions—just hold firmly between your palms and twist! Also, their Totem series from Netherlands-based Kidsonroof help kids (and adults!) reconnect modern life with nature while offering an environmental approach to the act of playing. These whimsical animals and structures double as works of art and nature-inspired projects for kids to create and play. 

Matthaei Botanical Garden
1800 N. Dixboro Rd., Ann Arbor




Make you say “Aww!”

Gear up babies with the natural, organic and adorable products that will be sure to make mommies say “Aww!” From essentials like bedding and diapers to clothing and accessories, parents will love gifts from Ann Arbor’s Elephant Ears. Health-conscience products like bamboo bedding and cloth diapers will be a hit with moms who want to pamper their babies without harming the environment. Now that’s a win-win!

Elephant Ears
451 N. Fifth Ave., Ann Arbor


Lights, Camera, Action

Blend storytelling, acting and music into magical experiences for your family and friends with the gift of live entertainment from the Wild Swan Theater. Allowing the future Broadway stars in your life to turn into their favorite characters will be sure to give them great memories. The camps and classes at the Wild Swan Theater rehearsal space are the perfect way to get them started on their journey down the red carpet!

Wild Swan Theater
6175 Jackson Rd., Ste. B, Ann Arbor





Love Blooms Here

Spread holiday cheer to family and friends in town or across the country by sending a beautiful floral arrangement from Enchanted Florist. With an array of wreaths, centerpieces and bouquets, they make Christmas decorations and gifts festive and colorful. You’ll find yourself having a hard time choosing between the playful Snowman Cookie Jar and the classic Poinsettia. Visit them to find a flower collection for every occasion on your calendar this year!

Enchanted Florist
46 E. Cross St., Ypsilanti





The Beauty of Jewels

The options are endless  when when it comes to creating jaw-dropping jewelry at Stony Creek Bead. The selection of creations and designs are made to fit any personality you have on your Christmas shopping list. You can also create your own jewelry with the shop’s beads, pendants and embroidery to make the picture-perfect set. For gift-givers who love authentic jewelry creations, public and private classes are available to make you and your friends experts with these works of art.

Stony Creek Bead
2060 Whittaker Rd., Ypsilanti




Eat your Heart Out!

Ann Arbor Cooks! specializes in cooking classes that will win over anyone you are gifting this holiday season. After all, they say that the fastest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. Mixing fun experiences in the kitchen and delicious recipes guarantees lasting memories with those who attend with you. Classes are available for all ages. All you have to do is share with the people you love and bond while creating Christmas cookies, Chocolate Mousse or the Creative Holiday Candy Workshop!

Ann Arbor Cooks!
5060 Jackson Rd., Ann Arbor




Christmas with Wings

Need a gift that's thoughtful, local, inspiring, and perfect for people who are impossible to shop for? Adopt one of our non-releasable educational birds of prey to make a favorite teacher feel special, "give" a child their favorite bird, or support environmental education! The Adopt-A-Raptor Program is an exceptional opportunity to inspire and educate your little ones. Get involved for a fulfilling and one-of-a-kind Christmas memory!

Leslie Science & Nature Center
1831 Traver Rd., Ann Arbor