Music Classes for Kids Around Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor’s vibrant music scene extends far beyond its famous venues and festivals, reaching into the hearts and minds of its youngest residents through a variety of engaging music programs that provide enriching experiences for children of all ages.

Each of the schools below contributes to a rich tapestry of musical education in the city. This lively landscape of musical learning not only cultivates young talents but also embeds a deep love and appreciation for music in Ann Arbor’s community.

Intellectual benefits

Music could be thought of as a gym for the brain. When kids learn to play an instrument or sing, it’s like a full-body workout for their gray matter. It boosts their memory, attention and even their ability to solve complex problems. And get this – studies have shown that children who are involved in music tend to do better academically, especially in areas like math and reading. It’s like their brains are getting supercharged!

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Emotional benefits

But it’s not just about smarts. Music is also a fantastic emotional outlet. Ever noticed how a good tune can lift your spirits? It’s the same for kids. Playing and listening to music can help them understand and express their feelings better. It’s like having an emotional toolkit at their fingertips.

Social benefits

There’s a social side to it too. When kids play in a band or sing in a choir, they’re learning valuable teamwork skills. They have to listen to each other, work together and support one another. It’s like a mini-society where every note counts!

Health benefits

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Physically, music is a bit of a stealthy exercise. Playing an instrument like the drums or piano is a workout in disguise, improving coordination and fine motor skills. Think of a pianist’s fingers flying over the keys – that’s some serious agility training!

Mental health benefits

Lastly, let’s not forget the joy and sense of achievement music brings. When a child masters a song, it’s a huge confidence boost. They learn that with practice and perseverance, they can reach their goals. It’s a life lesson wrapped in melody.

Music is this magical mix of brain booster, emotional expressway, social glue, physical trainer and joy bringer. It’s a pretty awesome package, right? Here are some local options to help you find a good fit for your kiddo!

Local music classes:

Ann Arbor Music Center

  • Offers private lessons in a wide range of instruments and genres including guitar, bass, drums, voice, piano, violin and more.
  • Rock Band Program: For students with basic skills in guitar, bass, drums, violin or keyboards, focusing on applying skills learned in private lessons.
  • Summer Music Camp: Held Monday to Friday from 9:30am-3:30pm.

135 E. Bennett, Saline

Ann Arbor Suzuki Institute

  • Offers instruction in Violin, Viola, Cello, Guitar, and Early Childhood music using the Suzuki Method. The institute focuses on individual instruction, group classes and parent support and also offers online options.

1451 Bemidji Dr, Ann Arbor

Kindermusik by Jeanna Hoyt

  • Offers a range of engaging musical learning experiences crucial to brain development. These classes are led by licensed Kindermusik Educators who provide holistic curricula, fostering creativity, compassion and curiosity in children.

648 S. Wagner Rd, Ann Arbor

Little Bands School

  • Teaches every part of a song, covering instruments like piano, ukulele, guitar, bass, and drums. Students also get to choose a band name, write a band song, and prepare for performance. It’s suitable for ages 4 and up, welcoming beginners to advanced students

2145 Independence Blvd, Ann Arbor

Oz’s Music

  • In-person and online music lessons (including voice, theory, composition, and a variety of instruments) available.
  • Meet the Instruments Camp: A fun introduction for kids aged 6-9 to explore and learn about different musical instruments.
  • Rock Band Camp: A dynamic experience for 8-12-year-olds to play in a band, learning rock music fundamentals.
  • Musical Theater Camp: A creative space for 8-12-year-olds to delve into the world of musical theater.
  • Form Your Own Camp: An opportunity to customize a music camp experience with guidance from Oz’s Music experts.
  • Jazz Improv Class: A camp focused on improvisational skills in jazz music.
  • Happy Songs with Joe Reilly: An engaging camp centered around creating and performing uplifting music.
  • Know Obstacles Camp: A unique, interactive therapeutic camp for children and adults with special needs, focusing on music and creativity.

1920 Packard St, Ann Arbor

Robinsongs For Kids

  • Mixed Age (0-5): Features the Bells and Elephant collections, suitable for children aged 0 to 5.
  • Rhythm Kids (4-8): Designed for children aged 4 to 8.
  • Babies Class: Specifically for babies 8 months and under, focusing on music activities that support various areas of a child’s development.

1526 N Maple Rd, Ann Arbor or 76 N. Huron St, Ypsilanti

School of Rock Ann Arbor

  • Rock 101 (Ages 8-13): For beginners, focusing on playing simplified classic rock songs, includes weekly group rehearsals and private lessons.
  • Performance Program (Ages 8-18): Advanced program with weekly group rehearsals and private lessons, preparing students for live performances.
  • Songwriting (Age 12 and over): Teaches songwriting, arrangement and music theory, including weekly private and group lessons.

6101 Jackson Rd, Ann Arbor

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