Ann Arbor’s Gym America Director Creates A Gymnastics-Themed Board Game

Claudia Kretschmer, the director of the Ann Arbor Olympic-style gymnastics school Gym America, and Gym America alum athlete Leah Clapper, have joined forces to launch the first ever gymnastics board game! 

The name of the game is Balance Palace, and it will bring a fun gymnastics adventure right to your home to enjoy with family and friends.

Leah started her gymnastics journey with Gym America at the young age of 6 years old, flipping and rolling every chance she got! With hard work and determination, as well as a love for gymnastics, Leah’s spirit was kept alive throughout the years, all the way to her promotion to the elite level of the sport! 

She qualified for the USA National Championships and earned a full athletic scholarship to the University of Florida, where she currently competes. 

“Leah and I want others to have a great experience in the sport, and we believe balancing playfulness with determination will help athletes along their journey” Said Kretschmer. “So, we teamed up to create an at-home gymnastics board game!”

Balance Palace is currently the only gymnastics board game on the market. It ignites a spirit of competitiveness and hard work within the players during a 10-30 minute gameplay. 

Between two and six players can play at a time, traveling around the Balance Palace to navigate through their gymnastics journey, all while collecting dazzling jewels. 

The board game was designed with gymnasts aged 6-12 in mind, but anyone older can have fun playing as well! No gymnastics skills are required.

An exclusive offer for the Gym America family is offered – use the special code GYMAMERICA at checkout to remove shipping costs and pick up this perfect holiday gift at the gym.  Purchase the board game HERE.