Chelsea TreeHouse: Continued Family Fun Under New Ownership

For 17 years, The Chelsea TreeHouse has been a staple for Ann Arbor families. At 9,000 square feet, the indoor play zone and cafe offers a safe and inviting environment for children to explore.

Although The Chelsea TreeHouse has recently changed ownership, it is open for families all over the area to enjoy. According to new owner Chelsea Anderson, The TreeHouse remains committed to its values while also featuring some exciting new options. 

The Chelsea TreeHouse tradition 

The Chelsea TreeHouse is located at 1101 South Main Street, Chelsea and hosts a variety of kid-friendly activities.

According to the TreeHouse website, such activities include “a huge climbing and playing structure, five slides, a baby and toddler area, swinging bridges, basketball hoops, and of course, a huge tree house!”

The TreeHouse also features many options for food and drink. Parents and children can order lunch, such as sandwiches and mac ‘n’ cheese, or simply fuel up with a snack. The TreeHouse also boasts a Zingerman’s Coffee Company coffee and espresso bar. 

The Chelsea TreeHouse opened in 2006 when original owner Michele Balaka decided to create a business that allowed children to run and play while parents can relax.

As Balaka’s own children grew, the business grew as well. By 2023, the TreeHouse had established a reputation as a safe haven for families, one that has been repeatedly voted one of the best places for kids in the Detroit area

In January 2023, Balaka announced that she would be selling The Chelsea TreeHouse. However, in an interview with MLive she stated that she would only sell to someone who truly loves the TreeHouse and its values.

Luckily for the Ann Arbor area, she found that person in Anderson. 

Same core values 

The Chelsea TreeHouse’s legacy lives on under new leadership. Anderson, speaks enthusiastically about the opportunity to take on this new adventure.

“I have three children of my own and [The Chelsea TreeHouse] has been a huge thing for them,” Anderson said. “They have always loved coming here and I’ve always loved the environment. I couldn’t pass when the opportunity came up!” 

Anderson is committed to ensuring that the TreeHouse continues to provide parents and children a safe haven.

“I want to keep a safe place for everyone to come in and enjoy,” Anderson said. “Everyone has different things going on outside and I want this to stay a place where people can come and forget about what’s going on in the outside world and just enjoy time with their children.”

Exciting new directions

While keeping the Chelsea TreeHouse traditions is a priority, Anderson is excited about new directions.

There will be physical enhancements such as new TreeHouse murals on the walls.

There will also be new partnerships.

The TreeHouse is now partnering with Jet’s Pizza for special events, which has been especially popular during birthday parties. 

Anderson also has plans for adding character experiences, during which children can meet their favorite characters such as Disney Princesses and/or superheroes. In fact, over the summer Anderson is working toward a Pizza with Princesses event that is sure to delight local children. 

Visit the Chelsea TreeHouse

Whether you are a longtime visitor of the Chelsea TreeHouse or are looking forward to exploring its new experiences, you can find more information at or by calling (734) 475-1555.